Pepsi-Cola is a carbonated beverage from PepsiCo Company and is a major competitor to the US Coca-Cola Company. The basic ingredients are carbonated water (water, carbon dioxide), white sugar, caramel, phosphoric acid, caffeine, and flavoring. Originally made in the 1890s by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham in North Carolina. It was made from carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, raw oil, pepsin and cola nuts. The drug was originally used to treat stomach diseases and was later named Pepsi and was registered as a trademark on June 16, 1903. Pepsi-Cola is one of the largest soft drinks industries in Australia. Pepsi-Cola’s company also have comprises different soft drinks brand which are Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max, 7UP, Diet 7UP, Caffeine Free Pepsi Light, Mountain Dew.