The duty of care is put in place to safeguard staff and patients from potential harm. Duty of care is there to keep individuals safe, free from harm and to promote choice. Using the duty of care means you always act in the best interests of patients or service users and only work within your own professional competence. As a care provider you should never do anything you feel is unsafe for yourself or for others. The duty of care provides a requirement of attention and caution to avoid any negligence that would lead to any type of harm.
The duty of care contributes to the safeguarding and protection of individuals by setting agreed standards of working which include protection from danger, harm and abuse. It also makes sure that staff is aware of correct reporting or complaint procedures if there is a suspicion or disclosure of abuse, harm and danger. The duty of care sets a clear guide for avoiding unsafe practice with relevant mandatory training eg: moving and handling and having appropriate risk assessments in place. A staff member must attend safeguarding training within their workplace.