1. Our Vision
? To be a leader in innovation, integrity, excellence service, and reliability
? To offer many gourmet fast foods and beverages with the highest standard service
? To be one of the most appreciated and respected companies
? To motivate, to listen, to care, to trust, and to be open-minded
? To remain the leading restaurant in Cambodia
2. Our Mission
? Our business is selling beverages and our mission is total customer satisfaction.
? To offer the customers a warm welcoming
? To earn the confidence of our customers, employees and our community
? To provide the highest standard of quality and delicious beverages
? To build relationships and enjoy through the foods and drinks experience
o Our foods and drinks are cooked by professional and genius cookers
o The foods and drinks look good and tasty
o To fulfill our customer’s stomach with an affordable budget with our healthy foods and beverages
o Train our staff professionally, wait for the order calmly, and always keep the smile on their face
o Staff training; to ask the customer to order more drinks, cocktails, or anything else instead of automatically bring out water
? Price
o A reasonable price to make our customers’ feel the experience of getting served more than what they have paid
o The quality and quantity of each portion are suitable with the price that has already set and the tables are full every time
? Promotion
o Focusing on getting new customers
o Turning the new customers into loyal customers by giving them a membership card
o Having promotion every new dishes, improving service quality, and also developing our brand
o Many promotion events from our restaurant on big days such as Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, and special promotion for the Birthday party
o Our restaurant may have advertising through social media, sales promotions, special offers, and public relations
? Place
o The place of Roseka’s is located behind Toyoko Inn Hotel, Koh Pich Swan Bridge, Phnom Penh
o It’s such a good and convenient location that is easy for the customers to find which is near the main street with a big logo of the name of our restaurant
o The size of our restaurant is big enough for the customers to have sufficient space for themselves and also we have many VIP rooms
o About the parking space, it is too convenient for parking many cars and motorbikes in front of the restaurant