1. The image of hatred personified in the lines 1-5, create the image of hatred having human characteristics, or even animal like characteristics. When the author uses the phrase “it rapidly pounces,tracks us down”, it is describing hatred is as predictor, constantly tracking us down and catching us like a cat chasing a mouse.

In addition, the lines 12-20 create the image of hatred being an inevitable force that feels extreme pleasure from spreading hate. This explained when the poem states ” whatever helps it get a running start”, and ” its face twisted in a grimace of erotic ecstasy.”

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2. The ideas of hatred conveyed in the lines 6-11 is that hatred is a feeling that you cant stop, for it is always a present. Hatred creates its self, whether awake or asleep it is a strong force that can easily grow inside us.

3. Szymborska uses personification in lines 21-28 to contrast hatred with compassion, brotherhood, and doubt by explaining that hatred is stronger than all these other feelings. This is explained in the phrase “Oh these other feelings, listless weaklings”; in other words, it shows there is nothing like hatred because these other feelings aren’t as strong as the feeling of hatred.

4. The tone of this poem can be described as sarcastic praise towards hate’s strengths and all its damaging creations. This is apparent in the lines ” The splendid fire-glow in midnight skies. Magnificent bursting bombs in rosy dawns. You can’t deny the inspiring pathos of ruins and a certain bawdy humor to be found”. The author is using cheerful words that have negative connotations behind them.

5. The message the author is trying to convey by putting positive phrases near negitive phrases about hatred, is that we convey the feeling of hatred, letting it take over and exploit us without question almost as if we are entranced by it. We constantly find reasons to hate and don’t always think of the ugly consequences behind it. The author is trying to expose the evils that lurk behind hatred, by mocking how easily we give into it without hesitation. The underlining idea that the author is expressing is that if we want to live in peace we must steer clear of hatred.