1- There are around 50 million monkeys in India.
2- Chinese farmers have half of the pigs in the world.
3- Giraffe age can be calculated by the spots. The darker the spots, older the giraffe.
4- Camels can survive without water for about 2 weeks.
5- Kangaroo males smell the female’s urine to know if she is ready for mating.
6- Elephants can smell the water from 3 miles.
7- Snakes are without eyelids.
8- Elephants sleep for only 2-3 hours a day.
9- Rats reproduce so quickly that in just 18 months, 2 rats could create more than 1 million relatives.
10- Hippopotamus give birth in water.
11- Frogs absorbs water from skin.
12- Octopus has three hearts.
13- Owls doesn’t have eyeball rather it have eye tubes.
14- Chow-chow is the only dog who doesn’t have pink tongue.
15- Elephants, humpback whales and humans are the only mammals who undergoes menopause.
16- There are some South African worms that can grow up to 6 meters.
17- Even when the snake closed its eyes, it can still see through the eyelids.
18- Rats reproduce so quickly that in just 18 months, 2 rats could create more than 1 million relatives.
19- Alligators can live more than 100 years.
20- Ants don’t have lungs.
21- A Monarch butterfly can lay up to 250 eggs per day!
22- Baby horses can walk and run just few after their birth.
23- Humpback whales produce the loudest sounds among all living organisms. The sound they produce can be heard at a distance of 800 meters.
24- On average, flies live no more than 2-3 weeks.
25- Saharan silver ant can live in temperature up to 158 degree Fahrenheit.
26- Unlike humans, sheep have four stomachs, each of which helps them digest the food they eat.
27- Squirrels cannot see red colour.
28- Chicken can lay 260 eggs per year.
29- Butterfly has 12,000 eyes.
30- Bats are the only mammals that can fly.
31- There are pink dolphins in Amazon River.
32- Sloth needs 2 weeks to digest its food.
33- Hummingbirds can fly backwards aswell.
34- Sometimes Female black widow spiders kill and eat their partners after mating.
35- The elephants have the longest gestation period of all mammals. Elephant mother carry foetus
for 22 months.
36- There are different kinds of zebras, each of which differs in number and arrangement of black bands on the body.
37- A woodpecker can peak for around 20 times a second.
38- Snails can regenerate eye if it loses one.
39- Stone fish is the most poisonous fish in the world.
40- Tigers have stripes on skin, and no two tigers can have same strips, it is unique like fingerprints.
41- Heart of whale beats only nine times a minute.
42- The placing of donkey’s eyes is such they can see all the four legs at all the time.
43- Snails can sleep for three years without food and water.
44- Ants never sleep.
45- The tongue of blue whale weighs the same as weight of an average elephant.
46- No bat can walk because bat has very thin leg bones.
47- Blue whales are the largest animal in the world.
48- Cows have 4 stomachs.
49- Sharks embryos each their siblings for nutrition and survival.
50- Spider Tarantula can survive for 2 years without food.
51- A grasshopper can jump 20 times the length of its body.
52- Flamingos are white but they get pink colour because of the algae they eat.
53- Catfish have taste receptors throughout the body.
54- Deer have no gallbladder.
55- The Chinese soft-shelled turtle can expel urea out of its mouth.
56- Cats can hear ultrasound.
57- A 20-meter eel can produce energy that can ignite 12 light bulbs.
58- Koala’s fingerprints are similar to human fingerprints.
59- The ostrich’s eye is bigger than the size of its brain.
60- Even after the jellyfish has died, it can still sting.