102 – Use a telephone and voicemail system – Within my role I use a telephone and voicemail system every day, whether this is through Skype/Lync or mobile phone. I mainly use the telephone system to contact operative’s regarding any bookings which have been made for them or too chase a garage up if they are doing work on one of our vans. I also use the telephone system to receive calls to the fleet line, this is used for more responsive repairs that the operatives ring in using to try and get advice about their van or get their van booked in. In regards to a voicemail system I quite often leave one for an operative if I have booked them in and can’t get a hold of them. This normally includes me giving the operative a bit of information about their booking and will end with me letting them know I will email them all this information across.

202 – Produce business documents – For my role I quite often have to produce a business document in order for me and the rest of fleet to be able to track what each other have been doing if someone is out of office. An example of this would be our daily maintenance tracker and this is where we put all our booking information so that if someone is not in the office we are able to follow up the booking and make sure it is still completed. Another document in which I have produced since being in my job role is a spreadsheet which splits out all the months to show me exactly what vans need to have an MOT what month.

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203 – Collate and report data – Every day I collate data as once we receive a phone call we have a call tracker in which we fill in by hand before uploading this on the system so we have it for any future reference. All this data then automatically goes into graphs and charts which then shows the demand of the fleet team. As well as this we are able to see how many times one operative has called between a certain period of time. Another form of data in which I collate is information regarding van MOT’s. This consists of me ringing or emailing operatives to question them as to what there van mileage is, when the van was last serviced and whether they have any upcoming holiday. All this information is collecting in a spreadsheet to allow me to find the best time for them to book their van in.

204 – Store and retrieve information – With regards to storing information, the majority of what I store is either speeding tickets/fines or information regarding the history of the van. This information is then for further reference if it is required. An example of this is that now we are coming up to the point where new vans will be brought into the business we have a good record of van mileage as well as an indication of any body damage in which a van may have. This will then obviously help us rotate out the van in the worst condition allowing us to keep the fleet looking as good as possible. With regards to retrieving information I am likely to do this both on SharePoint and our booking system 1Link. 1Link holds information such as how much we are spending on each van as well as where is best for the driver to go based upon the driver’s location at the time.

214 – Use and maintain office equipment – Using and maintaining office equipment is a daily part of my job as it allows me to be as efficient as possible. For example, I keep my laptop on charge for most of time in which I am in the office, this will help me as it allows me to take the laptop with me if I’m out of office and not have to worry about charging it for a day. I also keep any technology in which I use up to date by setting updates to automatically download throughout the night to keep me as efficient as possible during the day.

234 – Spreadsheet software – Like I have mentioned for some of the previous units I use spreadsheet software daily as it allows me to keep track of any information in which I am given. For example, the call tracker has allowed me to record information based upon operative calls and then through the use of pivot tables and graphs I have been able to display this information so that we can clearly see what the demand of fleet team is like. I also use spreadsheet software to keep track of both responsive repairs and planned repairs to make sure operatives turn up for their bookings and aren’t out of their van for too long.

211 – Understand the use of research in business – Within my role the use of research in the business is key to keep the vans legal and safe for the operative to be driving. An example of research which has been undertaken since I have been part of the fleet team is to do with VW cambelt’s. This consisted of searching online as well as ringing VW to find out how long or how far the van can travel before having a cambelt change. Since doing this we have begun to start replacing the cambelts on the VW Crafters within business as they are supposed to be changed every four years. By completing this piece of research, it has allowed us to keep the vans road legal and as safe as possible.