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Angela Moore
Sustainability in the Culinary and Food Industry
Sustainability in the food industry what is that and how do we attain it? That is a question that people are still trying to solve. Sustainability deals with us as people on this planet trying to find ways to satisfy our needs as well as other people’s needs while causing as little damage to the earth as possible so that resources will continue to be available for future generations. In this paper I will be going over waste control, food purchasing, water conservation and energy conservation.

Waste control
There are two kind of waste in the food industry and they are food waste and package waste. Neither waste is better than the other they are both a major issue in the food industry that people are trying to solve because of the problems they cause economically as well as environmentally. So far people have and can reduce the amount of waste a little, but the amount of waste is still too high to and some of the ways found are harmful to the environment. Now to talk about the individual waste.

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Food waste
What is food waste? Food waste is the amount of edible food after harvest that can not be eaten for any reason. This includes everything from fish to eggs and dairy which means anything that can be eaten. According to the USDA which is the US department of agriculture and the EPA which is the environmental protection agency 30% to 40% of the food supply is lost as food waste by the time it reaches food establishments or peoples homes that is about 133 billion pounds of food a year.(that’s just in the united states) That’s not including how much is lost in the preparing of the food or when people throw out uneaten leftovers. That is a lot of loss when you think about the fact that, that extra food could have gone a long way to helping people in need. I mean I see a lot of commercials about people being hungry and yet close to half our food is going to waste. With that said the USDA and EPA created a program in 2013 called the food waste challenge that informs people in the food industry about the best ways to reduce food waste, recover food loss and recycle waste.