2.1 Performance gap.
It is between the emerging market and also the matured markets. Since of their low incomes, customers in the poor countries have prepare themselves to make significant sacrifices in the performances in the right place. Having low incomes doesn’t mean that the developing world customers doesn’t need any innovative products. Certainly, they wants to own a radically reinvented product which could at least deliver a decent performance in a price which is ultra-low. Example a 40% solution at the price of 5%. Primarily in the matured market, the 40% solutions is actually unattractive, however the performance will rise to a level where it becomes attractive in a price which is acceptable.

2.2 Regulatory gap
When the regulations is functioning properly, they eliminated the business behaviour which is at the odds with a societal good. In order to make the markets fairs as well consumers safe. Despite the fact this gap might get narrowed with the time as they could become more complex with stricter regulations or technologically which is out dated, they could end up in becoming needless barriers to the innovation. In the rich countries, regulatory systems have proved the results of development in decades meanwhile in the world which is developing, it might be incomplete. Products and also services which is designed around the rich countries regulations might turn out to be needlessly expensive or even complex for the developing countries markets (Trimble, 2012).

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2.3 Sustainability gap
One of the challenges of the emerging economies is balancing the product development as well the environmental anxieties with the products. The challenges that one faces might be different in the both countries. The concerns which is related to the environment and also pollutions are very different in India and China as it is opposed to the United States. Therefore, people needs may perhaps be enormously different in those countries. In the emerging countries, the mass consumption isn’t met in an environmentally friendly approach, in which the result might be catastrophic. Hereafter, the products which are designed in here has to be in advance through several miles in the terms of “greenness”.