2. The First Hunger games mostly follow a young girl by the name of Katniss Everdeen, a resident of the 12th District (The Cole District). The story takes place during the year of the 74th annual Hunger Games where twenty four candidates (two per district, a boy and a girl) between the ages of twelve and eighteen are randomly selected through a process known as the reaping to compete in a last man standing battle to the death event, which is televised nationally.
During the reaping process Katniss younger sister is selected to compete, sparking Katniss to volunteer in her sisters’ place, whereas the male tribute, Peeta Mellark is also selected.
After this point the candidates are all transported to the capital where they compete in a series of tests and interviews to gain the affection of the Capital, which in return might gain them necessary sponsors for when they compete in the games.
On to the Hunger Games – after all tests and training is completed, tributes are transported to a undisclosed arena where the game masters of the Hunger Games control the environment around the tributes forcing tributes to compete in the deadly game
Through this section we follow Katniss fight against the other tributes and against the vicious environment set up by the game masters, death of friends and reuniting with her District 12 friend/love interest Peeta, all leading to the final showdown and difficult choice whether to kill Peta or break the cycle with no victor.