CMC 3603
Media Relation
Assessment 2:
Campaign Analysis report
Ms. Ahlam Albannai
Done by:
Hamda Saqer: H00294988
Submission data: (Nov 14, 2018) 

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center is a government institution of the Government of Dubai that deals with space science and advanced technologies. Since 2006, a number of advanced projects have been developed that aim to enhance the UAE’s position in the development of advanced technologies, motivate new UAE generations, drive innovation and build a generation of promising engineers and Emirati scientists in line with the country’s drive towards building a sustainable, knowledge-based economy.

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Khalifa Sat is the first satellite to be developed within UAE’s space technology laboratories and by two UAE engineers in full, and the third satellite to be owned by Dubai Sat-1
and Dubai Sat-2.

The KhalifaSat project is the first technical project to be fully developed within the Center’s space technology laboratories in the UAE and by UAE engineers. The “Prospect of Hope” to be launched into Mars orbit in 2020 will be designed and developed by the Center’s engineers. Promising and ambitious is a very advanced step to take the Center into the ranks of advanced scientific institutions, and has already contributed to its progress and put it on the map of the leading space centers in the world.

Amer Al Sayegh, KhalifaSat project manager, did not deny the high-pressure environment in space tech engineering. But he said his team managed to exceed expectations.

4173220115633500″Usually the launch is a very tense moment but our team is now experienced because we have had two previous missions to space and this is our third one. Yes, the KhalifaSat launch is unique. It has its own expectations, but the team is quite experienced and able to handle such missions,” Al Sayegh told Gulf News.

“We are very proud of this team because they have been working on satellites for eight years now and they will continue to do so with KhalifaSat now in space. This is a team which is young but well-equipped with knowledge and experience.”
Mohammed bin Rashid space center used all social media to let the people to know about khalifasat not only that they use traditional media as well because not all the people use the social media, some of the old people still use the traditional media such as TV, radio and newspaper.
The UAE’s first 100 per cent Emirati-made satellite, the khalifaSat, was lunched at 8:08am on October 29 from Japan.

Talking about my self, The launch was a proud moment as young emaraties and for sure for the entire country, a country that is so young and dynamic that has a passion goes beyond the skies.

This step by the emarati government made it clear to the new generations that there is nothing impossible to be achieved, you only have to set your goals, work hard on educating yourself and follow your passion step by step.

The UAE will not stop here, but know 100% emarati team that worked on KhalifaSat, is know working on bigger dream a more complicated project which is the trip to the mars.

KhalifaSat is the start point for the UAE to provide giocraphical services to the world, as high resolution image of the earth surface and monitoring the climate changes to prevent natural disasters.

These services are expected to be provided for the next 5 years, the challenge comes after this period of time, is the satalite going to be improved or is a new KhalifaSat is going to sky?
Literature published about the company/organization in different sources on the internet, books, brochure, pamphlets, journals, magazines, newspapers… etc.
4281805165544500Since the announcement of the Khalifasat project by H.H sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AlMaktoum back in 2013, the project got the worlds attention, all media platforms were competing to get and publish the latest news about this one of a kind project that happens here in this region. What made this campaign unique, is the fact that the team working on Khalifasat is consisting entirely from young Emirati males and females, that share the same passion. The campaign for this project from my point of view, succeeded due to the pieces of information they choose to share with the media and the public, and the fact that they choose carefully high officials to announce the steps they accomplish, and what is the next step. Not only that, but also even after the launch of Khalifasat, the campaign managed to keep the audience eager by stating that that was only the beginning, and the UAE has more to offer and present when it comes to space knowledge.
Almost all the people was super excited about KhalifaSat because it’s the first Arabic sat in the world and till now it’s working very well as the Emiratis worker wanted it to work. On that day the hashtag “#?????-???” was trend on twitter and Instagram, also the live show was trind on youtube, all the people who are local or Unocal was very proud of this Emiratis group who worked very hard for more than 4 years to bulled this sat. A scientific centre specialised in space science and advanced technology contributing to the establishment of the national space sector in the uae, on firm ground, and as one of the pillars of knowledge economy.

MBRSC was established by the Dubai Government to serve as one of the main pillars to drive the establishment of the knowledge economy and sustainable development in the UAE. It is a scientific centre that specialises in space science and advanced technology. Launching ambitious projects, the centre works to develop generations of Emirati engineers according to the highest scientific standards.

MBRSC is looking forward to contributing in ways that enrich human knowledge and support scientific development worldwide. The centre has strong ties with internationally influential organisations. It is keen to establish relationships with space agencies and the world’s most prestigious universities and faculties that specialise in space science.

MBRSC supports the Dubai Government’s plans aimed towards creating new generations of Emirati experts, engineers and researchers to hold leadership roles in establishing a knowledge-based economy. MBRSC has worked on achieving the UAE National Innovation Strategy and looks forward to positioning the UAE amongst the most innovative countries in the world in the space sector. The centre has supported national plans to contribute to the progress of humanity and build a better world.

Their Vision
To be a leading, globally recognised centre in the field of space science, technological innovation and advanced technology to enrich human knowledge.

Their Mission
To build a sustainable space science and advanced technology sector that contributes to establishing the knowledge-based economy. To launch and implement advanced space projects and prepare a generation of Emirati scientists that take our country towards a brighter future.

Their Institutional Values
MBRSC adopts a set of institutional values that serves as a framework to bring employees together and encourage them to work harmoniously. The work environment at the centre is characterised by compassion and understanding. It stimulates innovation and the highest levels of achievement. Our institutional values are based on teamwork, integrity, honesty, responsibility, professional commitment and efficiency.

Their aim is to support the local community
MBRSC is committed to supporting sustainable social, economic and environmental development of the UAE. It works closely with community institutions and has adopted numerous projects and initiatives with schools and universities. It also supports educational trips and school visits aimed at promoting knowledge transfer and spreading the culture of interest in space science and advanced technology in the country. Commitment to environmental protection locally and globally
Their commitment to the protection of our environment includes preserving our local environment and protecting the Earth. We work on monitoring environmental phenomena and changes in the UAE. We conduct specialised studies to detect the Vegetation Index across the country and trace the changes across the UAE coastline. We also support international environmental protection projects outside the UAE. We conduct projects and studies aimed at reducing climate changes on the Earth and limit global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to preserve our planet for future generations.

The first satellite developed by a team of Emirati engineers in the UAE KhalifaSat is being manufactured in the United Arab Emirates at space technology laboratories of Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) in Dubai. KhalifaSat is the third satellite to be launched by MBRSC and the first satellite developed in the UAE by outstanding team of Emirati engineers. It will become one of the most advanced satellites internationally, thanks to a number of sophisticated and updated techniques and innovations which provide high quality image services to customers across the world.

Their objective is to drive the UAE vision towards space exploration age. The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre is a Dubai government entity dedicated to space science and technology. The centre was established in 2006, and has since gone onto to undertake a number of projects all targeted at advancing the UAE’s standing in scientific and engineering disciplines, and inspiring Emirati new generations to think about innovation and creativity as the nation pushes towards a diversified, and predominantly knowledge-based economy.

KhalifaSat is the first satellite being developed in space technology laboratories in the UAE by entirely Emirati engineers. It is the third satellite owned by MBRSC following the launch of Dubai-1 and Dubai-2.

These two ambitious and demanding projects represent a huge advancement in the centre’s capabilities, and have placed MBRSC amongst the leading space institutions in the world.

To date, they have more than 130 employees, all of who are talented Emirati nationals, and they believe it is the people who make their center a great place to work.

In this regard, they ensure that their teams work in an open and inviting environment that encourages collaboration and provides a unique interconnection between every member of MBRSC, as they each work towards the same goal of driving the UAE’s space sector and contributing to the success of the nation.

The MBRSC team is constantly growing as new projects are announced and positions become available, but new starters are welcomed with open arms and made to feel instantly at home at the center through our culture of friendliness and respect.
Whether you are looking to begin your career, change your career direction or progress to a more senior level, the colleagues you will work alongside at MBRSC represent just one of the reasons you might consider joining us, and there are several more too. From our core values, which are at the heart of everything we do, to our comprehensive benefits, we are confident that you will enjoy joining and working within the team at MBRSC.

Strategic Plans for Scientific Achievements
The strategic plans of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre have been developed in line with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. They contribute to building a knowledge-based economy in the UAE and achieving the sustainable development objectives laid out in the Dubai Plan 2021, which outlines the basic principles for transforming Dubai into a world-leading, sustainable city.

Their Strategic Objectives:
Develop The Foundations For The Space Science Sector And Preparing New Generations Of Emirati Engineers, Experts And Researchers.

Prepare Qualified Leaders In The UAE Space Industry By Implementing Sustainable Training Programmes And Creating A Stimulating Work Environment That Encourages Innovation.

Raise Awareness Of The Importance Of Science, Innovation And Scientific Exploration Among The UAE Community.

Upgrade The Existing Scientific Facilities And Infrastructure To Support And Develop Scientific And Technical Tools And Systems.

Launch Major Scientific Projects And Missions, Adopt Effective Management And Harness The Projects’ Output.

Support The Establishment Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In Science And Technology In The Private Sector Through Knowledge Transfer Programmes And Incubators.

Develop And Innovate Smart Systems And Applications That Serve The Community And Decision-Makers In The UAE.

Support The Development Of Policies And Laws Governing The Science Sector, Research And Advanced Technology.

Launch Strategic Initiatives.

MOHAMMED BIN RASHID SPACE CENTRE. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2018, from https://mbrsc.ae/en/page/who-we-are