6.1. Respectful Care2
6.1.1. To respect patient rights to receive appropriate treatment regardless of age, gender, religion, race, nationality or social status and, in an emergency, the ability to pay.
6.1.2. Should provide health care services and treatment with appropriate attention, competence & without unnecessary delay.
6.1.3. Should give essential physical, moral & behavioral support.
6.1.4. Should respect patient’s dignity and privacy and treat them politely and considerately.
6.1.5. To be courteous, compassionate and honest and should respect the dignity, culture, ethnicity, values, religion and beliefs of the patient/client.
6.1.6. Shall not discriminate / harass between patients and colleagues on grounds of religious beliefs, culture, values, gender or nationality.
6.1.7. Should maintain appropriate professional boundaries in all relationships with patients/clients and their families.
6.1.8. Healthcare professionals shall encourage and respect the role of patients/legal guardian in shared decision-making process. To assist patient to choose most suitable preferences within the limits of lawful professional practice.
6.1.9. To ensure that his/her personal beliefs shall not prejudice patient’s care.

6.2. Competency & Awareness of Limitation4,9,10
6.2.1. Healthcare Professionals shall ensure they are registered as per the laws and regulations of QCHP/MOPH, their practicing license is valid, and they are practicing within their scope of practice.
6.2.2. To undertake the activities that are within their scope of practice and to ensure patient safety is uncompromised. Scope of practice is based on their education, knowledge, competency, extent of experience as per QCHP/Registration Policies.
6.2.3. Practicing current evidence based scientific skills through updating personal & group/team skills & knowledge and pursue their medical education and training throughout the professional practice.
6.2.4. Should allocate, utilize and maintain appropriate resources in an effective and efficient manner to ensure patient safety.
6.2.5. Healthcare Professionals should personally be accountable for the provision of safe and competent care. It is their responsibility to maintain the competence necessary for current practice and to practice in a safe, competent and professional manner.
6.2.6. Should participate in coordinating and promoting the activities of QCHP/MOPH; to ensure their practice and the patient care are aligned with the policies and procedures of QCHP/MOPH
6.2.7. Healthcare Professionals should be aware of their personal limitations and deficiencies in knowledge and abilities and know when and whom to ask for supervision, assistance or consultation.
6.2.8. Shall not under any circumstances cause physical or psychological harm to a patient, their family and colleagues.
6.2.9. Health care professionals should know when and for whom to provide appropriate supervision.
6.2.10. Healthcare Professionals should not engage in unsupervised involvement in areas or situations where they are not adequately trained.
6.2.11. To effectively supervise tasks which is assigned to team members ensuring safety.

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