. I believe that my personality consists of different characteristic traits and habits which help me make a decent human being. I don’t have intense standards on choosing friends . I am not a racist I am a good listener. I easily make friends. But because of being shy I usually won’t do the first move to get to know someone. Secondly, I am an introvert. I would socialize with people but on the other hand what I have going on in my mind or any other thing I would keep all that to myself. I am also an outgoing person. I also make sure I have the basic good habits which include respecting my elders, greeting people when I meet them, wishing them well when departing etc. Other than this, observing the law, serving the poor and downtrodden, helping the sick and needy, giving shelter to the homeless, assisting someone with a handicap, etc. are also other good habits of mine. To lead on a peaceful life, I develop other good habits like reading, writing, listening to music, dancing, singing etc. I am usually the starter when everyone gets silent. I am a smiley person. I still smile even if I am feeling bad about something. I am not a snob I don’t want them to assume that I am mad at them. I am always told I am even though I think I am not. It’s just that I am outspoken. Well apart from this I am a really understanding person how much I try and I do understand the other person is the greatest thing about me and I have always been appreciated about this. Well in the end whatever my personality is but on a real perspective personality is what makes a person.