A hero is anyone who possess these qualities: courage, loyalty, and humanity.
Beowulf’s willingness to meet Grendel in order to defend his people demonstrates the three qualities of a hero. On his quest to defeat Grendel, he displayed some heroic quality such as “while his men slept Beowulf laid awake” (Pearson 27).
Heroes “step forward at a critical moment and act with extraordinary courage and selflessness” (Pearson 7). Having courage is good but selfless is a big sacrifice that not everyone can do. Focusing on other people’s needs and saving their life before yourselves demonstrate all the three qualities of a hero.
A hero is a “ordinary citizens who risked their own safety to help those in need” (Pearson 7). Heroes can be ordinary people protecting others while risking their safety.
Anyone who demonstrate courage, loyalty and humanity to others can be called a hero.