A joint is when two or more bones join in partnership. It is a very important factor for the functioning of the skeletal system. It authorizes the body to move in numerous ways. In chapter nine, it explains the type of joints in the body such as the bony joints, synovial joints, ball and socket joints, shoulder joint, hip joints, and many more. ” The shoulder and hip joints are the only ball-and-socket joints in the human body due to the need for great motion at the end of the body’s limbs and the vast amount of musculature needed to move and support such flexible joints”( Rodriguez 1999). For the shoulder and hip joints, it allows the body to travel side by side, backward, and forwards. Throughout my research, I learned that the shoulder joint is both more mobile and bendable joint in the body. The shoulder joint is also called ball and socket joint but it is different from the hip joint. The ball and socket allow the joint to rotate and swing back and forth. In my research, it explains how the hip joint has more strength because the hip is surrounding the pelvis. ” The hip and the shoulder are both ball and socket joints that have cartilage, ligaments, labrum, and a surrounding capsule. There are some differences between these joints that influence the treatment for injuries and painful conditions” (Rodriquez 1999). From our previous chapter, we learned that the pelvis contains the pubis and ischium which are carried by a strong ligament. “The hip is much more constrained or inherently stable than the shoulder. The hip obviously is a “weight-bearing joint” unlike the shoulder which introduces many differences. The shoulder is much more dependent on muscles connecting directly to the ball for movement and function, namely the rotator cuff, however, oddly enough, there are muscles of the hip that have been coined the rotator cuff of the hip”(Westerheide 2018). It is very important for people to take care of their joints to prevent damages to the body. Besides the shoulder and hip joints, they are another type of joints that are important to the body so our body can function properly. Joins are what makes us and without them, we would not be able to move our elbows, knew, or turn our head. Arthritis is a disease which can affect anywhere in the joints and can affect one or more than one joints. While reading about the shoulder and hip joints, it explains that there is more than one hundred arthritis that has different causes and treatment. Osteoarthritis is can affect the hip joint which can cause the joint to function properly, overweight, and increasing age. The pain in the arthritis of the shoulder joint can result in pain and prevent the neck to move properly. The best way to take care of the body is your joints and muscles in good control to prevent disease and dysfunction of the body. The stronger the bones the more support you have for your bones.