About Asperger’s Syndrome
On March 21st, 2018, Jerry Webster wrote an article about the character traits of kids that have Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a spectrum of autism. Ms. Bourgeois handed out the article, “Asperger’s Syndrome-The Highest-Functioning End of the Autism Spectrum,” for us to write about how Asperger’s effect the children mentally. The author states the disadvantages about children with Asperger’s and hardly states the advantages. I did some research and I discovered some interesting things that make people with Asperger’s special. Below are several key points covering this topic.
Webster wrote about how children diagnosed with Asperger’s are poor at social skills. He claims Webster says that kids with Asperger’s lack the ability to recognize feelings, moods and thoughts of others. Also, children with the disorder have angry outbursts because they cannot manage their emotions properly (Webster, 2018). In addition, the author claims that kids with Asperger’s have weak “executive function”, which means that children have difficulty planning ahead. He explains that when the children grow up they may still live with their parents because they did not plan for the future (Webster, 2018). In addition, kids with Asperger’s may show academic weakness in Language Arts because kids may have trouble answering questions about a book or have trouble writing. Also, kids may have trouble in math because some kids with Asperger’s may have short-term memory and cannot remember formulas or learning math facts (Webster, 2018). Also, kids with the disorder have poor motor skills, meaning that they may have trouble holding a pen or pencil (Webster, 2018). However, I think that Asperger’s kids can bring a bunch of good things in society. Below is evidence supporting my claim.
Kids that have Asperger’s can help society since they have greater focus and/or honesty. Studies have shown that children that have Asperger’s have strong intelligence, strong focus and are detail-oriented (AANE Staff, 2018). In addition, Asperger’s kids are honest, have internal motivation, and have “out of the box” thinking (Davide-Rivera, 2015). Finally, they have high integrity and low to no prejudice (Thrive with Asperger’s, 2018). However, there are side effects to having Asperger’s. Below is evidence why.
People with Asperger’s may have discouragement issues. Studies have shown that people who know they have Asperger’s can feel dejected since they may think that life will be severely limited (Roberson, 2018). In addition, people with Asperger’s may not pick up on social cues like body language or facial expressions (WebMD LLC, 2018). Finally, kids that have been diagnosed with Asperger’s may not make friends because they may not enjoy another person’s interest. They may be too self-absorbed in their interest to care about other people (Emma, 2018).

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