Active Directory is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks to provide a variety of network services e.g. directory access protocol, DNS-based naming, and other network information; provides a central location for network administration and delegation of authority and apply critical updates to an organization. Microsoft?s directory service is also used to provide authentication and authorization services.

Ken 7 Windows Limited will greatly benefit with the addition of active directory to their computer network. Users will be created by admins at the server and the new user will be able to have access right away. An active directory will still allow users to log onto the local machines but also allow them to log onto the network. When logging onto the network it will allow multiple users to have access to a single computer, but only allow each user to use the resources that they are allowed through group policies.

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Group policies are policies that are set up by the administrators that allow users to access files, applications, or other resources according to the group or groups they are members. There can be several groups created with different permissions, and users can be associated with more than one group at a time. In the past with workgroups permissions had to be granted on individual computers. With the active directory, the changes can be made by the administrators at one location and the change will be made at all terminals at the same time. An active directory, permissions can be granted to a user to individual files if needed, without adding them to a group that may have permissions that the user does not need to do their job. Like any other permissions, the user can be given or restricted the right to read only or read right permissions. Active directory is the newest way of networking a business and will streamline your computer network for years to come.