Actually the family tradition aims to strengthen the relationship between one family member with another. In addition, the existence of a family tradition can also make our family one. Every family tradition has a value that is considered good by the family itself. However, this depends on the person who sees it. And this time I will discuss the traditions in my family that have existed since a long time ago. I don’t know exactly when this tradition was carried out. Like family tradition in general, my family’s tradition also forms our family into one and there are several values in it. And I will show you one of the traditions in my family that happened during the new year.
The new year according to my family is the start of a new day that is expected to bring goodness and benefits. Therefore, if the new year arrives, my family and I usually spend time going to a place, whether it’s a playground, mall, or restaurant just to eat with the food we like. During the new year, this is the time for my family to refresh our minds after being tired of the busy schedule that we have lived before. The new year teaches how we keep loving each other even though time has passed. Tradition in the new year is not just about one family. but, some families that have been united are involved in it. My father usually takes my other siblings away together. My father think that happiness is not only enjoyed by yourself, but other people can also get it. My father said that the car must be full of other brothers. My father invited his brother, his nephew, aunt, etc. It’s like filling a microbus that must be filled by passengers right? but, this is what makes the atmosphere more exciting and cheerful. We are happy , laugh, talk about everything together. At that time, we went to a mall. Luckily there is also a playground. Of course this year’s new tradition feels complete. We can go around while playing. In addition, we also come to a restaurant to eat. My family doesn’t like European food like pizza, burgers, or other foods that contain cheese and mayonnaise. We prefer Indonesian food such as pecel, meatballs, satay, soto etc. My family also doesn’t like expensive restaurants. So my father invited us to eat on the roadside. This is also one of the traditions in my family. my father said, eating on the roadside was more fun than in an expensive restaurant. So, since childhood, I was used to buying food on the roadside because I thought it was much cheaper and filling.
Every family must have a reason why they do all these traditions. Even a tradition can also change over time. And I think, the tradition may change as long as the good goal of the tradition must be maintained, namely to strengthen the relationship between families.