Alexandra Hendley
Training and Development
CRN # 20517
Denise Pasley

A company is only as good as it’s employee’s are. All employer’s rely on their employees to help them grow and become better and they expect their employees to produce great work, but if you don’t properly train and help develop your employees why would you expect great work out of them in return? That is why it’s important for companies to invest in solid training and development programs for their employees.
Employer’s find training and development programs expensive, and that’s why a lot of companies don’t invest in them. Along with employer’s thinking that these programs are to expensive they are also afraid that if they spend the time, money, and resources putting their employee’s through these expensive programs that after the employee has completed them they will leave. They think other companies will offer the employee more money because they won’t have to put them through another training program. It’s been proven that employees who receive poor job training leave their position within the first year. With poor employee turnover the company will loose more money than they would if they invested in some sort of training program. When you have a high turnover rate with all of your employees making the same mistakes it’s time to look into a good training program.
Every employee has some kind of weakness in their skills at work. A training program will strengthen those weaknesses in your employees. A development program brings all employees who go through the program to a higher level and they will all have similar knowledge and skill sets. By investing in these programs it will help to strengthen employees so they don’t rely on others to complete basic work functions.
Employees who receive adequate training are able to perform in their job. Training will give the employee a better understanding of what they need to do to perform well in their job, and that in turn will build the employees confidence and they will do so much better at work. Training and development expands the knowledge base of all employees. Productivity will also increase because effective training makes employees feel valued and empowered. A study by The National Center on the Education Quality of the workers supports this with its finding that a 10% increase in education development produced an 8.6 gain in productivity.
A structured training and development program ensures that all employees have a consistent experience and background knowledge.

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