A green future for the future generation, addressing environmental challenges as a result of plastics impact and detrimental effects on the environment.
Plastic bags are useful most recognizable element that can be seen in our daily lives homes our work places which our power-plant is no exception. However, negative side due to over use of plastic bags and negative usage of plastic of which it exist as waste to our environment, how do we control? Let as ask ourselves can we reduce the usage of plastics by requesting for a paper bag and can we challenge ourselves to ensure no unnecessary disposal/littering? Other environmental impact caused when plastic are used non-degradable plastic can be kept around a 1000 of years, because non-renewable materials are used to make it.Land filled up with plastics is very dangerous to Flora and fauna in addition millions of birds die and limitless number of river fish die because plastics is very light and can stay on the surface of water for a long time because they are thought of as food for all these creatures alluded to.
Nevertheless let us remain committed and co-operate to the control of plastics it’s never too late.