Analysis and Conclusion
The results show as the concentration of the solution was decreased the drop in meniscus level decreased too. The highest concentration had the most decrease in the meniscus level, it was 5.5ml and the lowest drop in the meniscus level was 1.2ml with the 12.5% concentration. The higher concentration had the most drop in meniscus level because of the fact that more water was able to enter because of Osmosis (lower concentration to a higher one). Another reason is that there is a low water potential, meaning molecules are a lot more likely to diffuse away because of Osmosis. Osmosis occurs in the kidneys as well in the reabsorption process in the Nephrons. The reabsorption process’ location is the proximal and distal convoluted tubules and the loop of Henle. This process is related to Osmosis as some of the substances like Glucose, amino acids, vitamins, water and more that are being carried by the capillaries are taken back into the bloodstream in order to be used again. This happens because of Osmosis which means substances go from a low concentrated area to a higher one.