Animals are being killed everyday for useless things like clothing or rugs. “Fur Farms” treat animals in gruesome ways. To kill the animals without puncturing their skin, they use slow and painful ways to kill them. Including getting poisoned from the exhaust of a truck, gassed, neck snapped, or put in a decompression chamber. They drown the animals in a box, which is the slowest and agonizing 9 minutes of their life. The most common killing method is traps. When the animals become trapped, they try to escape by biting off their leg, but end up dying later from blood loss, fever, or predators. Seals are beaten with clubs tipped with metal hooks. Some animals wake up while being skinned. Animals get fed meat by-products that are unfit for humans and water that freezes during the winter. These poor animals are kept in cages for such a long time, to mutilate themselves or even resort to cannibalism. The small wired cages they are kept in are so small. They have a lack of mental stimulation which causes them to have weak immune systems. That results to diseases and viruses to enter their body.
Not only does the production of these furs hurt animals, but us too. The killing of these animals contribute to pollution and may lead to cancer. People who work in the factory are dying from the exposure of the toxic chemicals that are used to cover up the smells or to dye the fur. Massive amounts of fur waste is confined in one area, and when it rains, it washes into rivers and streams. The waste then contaminates our water supply making it dangerous. The solution is faux fur. It is fake fur that is fake and made without animals. Faux fur is made of small acrylic plastic fibers. That way, we still have fur, but without harming the animals. ” Fur farms” are killing animals for coats and pillows. These animals are dying for many countless reasons that are hurting them and us. Remember, your fur had a face.