As large number of people moved from parts such as Caribbean, South East Asia, Africa and other parts of the world and settled in Britain’s urban areas. This influx of immigrants has profoundly changed the face of British society and culture .However; on the political side, this change is explicitly refused. The novel takes place in1970,Thatcherism era ,the name is due to the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who claims that the British race should be unalloyed and the concept of Britishness only includes people with pure British origin .That is , excluding the immigrants , though they were born in Britain , lived in it for along absorbing the British culture and values.The fact that Kureishi, through The Budha of Suburbia ,objects both from the perspective of the migrants as Haroon and Anwar or the English as Karim and Jamila(Sezer1).

3.1.2 Critical Review of the Novel
Writing would be a message to the world outside my family, and outside the suburbs. I would inform people what is going on, what life in the new Britain – a Britain unknowingly transforming itself for ever – is like for us…….. writing as an attempted solution to various internal and external conflicts (Kureishi, 137).

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