Assessment 3MER

18th January 2018
Dixita Anant Madkaiker

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The Internal and External factors that impact on the employment relationship

Employee engagement – Employee engagement plays an important role in maintaining the employment relations in the organisation . The company should always give the staff clear and precise expectations so that the employees are ready for any change that is brought into the organisation .The company should develop trust when it comes to employees being rewarded and appreciated for their work and also provide them with regular feedbacks for their performance .The engaged staff know that their work is acknowledged and they strive towards achieving their own and organisational goals that then align with each other and lead to more effectiveness in the organisation .

Organisational culture – Organisational culture plays an important role in the employee relationship .If there is proper sharing of the job or flexible working arrangement available to the employee it will create a proper work life balance for the employees and they won’t miss work for their personal commitments .

Political factors – The political factors such as the Government policies , the trade unions and working hours can have an effect on the employment relationships . The government polices can bring a change to the working and the culture of the organisation . Sometimes the Unions that speak on behalf f the labourers can create disruptions ans strikes to make their demands heard which can lead to disruptions in the working of the organisation .

Lifestyle problem – Many a times the workforce face the problems like prescription drug abuse , lack of leisure and financial illiteracy which can affect the efficiency of the workforce .The organisation should give the employees training in these areas which will give the organisation healthy workers which will lead to reduction in sick leaves and increase efficiency of the workforce .

1.2 Different types of employment status –

There are three main types of employment status that are mainly employees , workers and self employed

Self employed – A self employed is a person who owns and runs his own business or an organisation and also takes the sole responsibility for the success or failure of the business . They may be hired to provide services based on contracts .They don’t have the same rights like the employee or workers .Although he still has protection for health and safety on cleints premises , can be protected against discrimination, will not have rights for holidays or leaves .

Agency worker – A agency worker can be described as a person hired by a agency to work for some other company . The work is mostly for a limited or temporary work . The Agency workers regulations give them the same rights that a full time employee or workers would get .

Employee – An employee can be a full time or a part time employee .Sometimes the employee has to work accrding to the terms of the contract . That is only when there is working hours , pay or annual leave involved . An employee may be entitles to the following The minimum wage rate , maternity , holiday and paternity pay , right to request flexible working hours , right against discrimination .

1.3 Identify and analyse three reasons to determine individual employment status –

It is important to determine individual employment status as it helps the individual to determine his rights , it is easier and to claim the benefits , it also gives him the protection as an employee It also spells out the responsibility of the employer towards the individual working for the organisation .


Explain the importance of Exit Interviews –

Exit interviews are basically conducted to get feedback from the employee reasons for leaving the job and what are the things that he liked or didnt like about the job . It is mainly conducted to gain insight as to what made the employee to resign from the position and the company .Exit interviews can be conducted both on one to one basis or anonymously as some employees might not be comfortable to speak on one to one basis while he might be honest while sitting in front of the computer .The organisation benefits as it gets insight as what changes should be made into the organisation so that further they can retain the employees in the organisation . It helps to sort out the issues between the employee and the employer before he leaves the organisation . It gives the employee an opportunity to discuss whatever issues they might be facing while working for the company they can be discussed and then may be further resolved .The exit interview typically is conducted by the human resource employee or a person not involved with the employee in general. The information gathered from the exit interview can be very beneficial when taken into into consideration which can help the organisation to improve the working condition for the employees and to resolve issues and prove beneficial from helping to retain the employee fom leaving the organisation in the future .