Assignment – 2


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Submitted By:
Manpreet Kaur Nehal

Submitted To:
Mirjam Jonkman

Charles Darwin University, Darwin

Prosthetic Leg
1. PROJECT TITLE: Hard – wearing and cost effective prosthetic leg
At present, the number of people with limb disabilities in world is increasing day by day. Prosthesis have not only brought hope to those who were seriously injured and lost their limbs, but also help those bring their lives back to be as normal as it could be. Advanced prosthetics have created a world where human being is achieving great things.
For those patients who without health insurance, a prosthetic leg normally costs less than $10,000 for a basic prosthetic leg and reach up to $70,000. Cost of leg is depends on the type and the level of amputation. A patient to walk on flat area costs $5,000-$7,000, while one that would allow the patient to use stairs could cost $10,000, for a device that would allow a patient to walk and run as well, the cost could go up to $15,000. Prosthetics with special systems like hydraulic or mechanical systems allow controlling movement can cost more than $15,000. And a computer-assisted prosthetic leg costs $20,000 or more. So, prosthetic leg which having reasonable price is required with more functions for people those suffering with disability and cannot afford costly products.
* To provide wear resistant Prosthetic legs to patients
* To assist patient’s disability with comfort and flexibility
* To make durable prosthetics accessible and affordable to needy patients
4.1 Material used
Currently, silicone elastomers are widely used to create a soft and slightly elastic inner liner, providing a thin, comfortable, and compliant barrier between the amputee’s skins. In recent years researchers have developed a variety of thicker gel materials that add a measure of cushioning and pressure dissipation while retaining the benefits of the original liner. Carbon fibre composites, developed by the aerospace industry, are increasingly being used in artificial limbs due to softness and flexibility. For sockets polypropylene used due to lightweight and hardness to provide strength.
4.2 Leg design and its functions
The innovative prosthetic leg design includes many instruments like servo-motors, buzzer, sensors and microcontroller. Each instrument has important to perform differnt activities such as servomotor used to control the movement so a person can walk easily, sensors used to detact obstacles, microcontroller used to control movement by recieved data from sensors and make sound using buzzer if any obstacle detect. Prosthetic leg is unique, by using this those people can walk with full comfortability who have disbility and lost their leg due to injury.
5. BUDGET: $ 12000

Prosthetic Limb Research Paper


Figure 1- Prosthetic leg