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1.0 Introduction
2.0 How balance between career and family can affect human resource management in the selected organization.

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2.1 Communicate with employer
2.2 Create special family activities
2.3 Stay connected during the day
2.4 Socializing at work
3.0 What if most of employees in a workplace are women,what issue that can affect human resource management in the selected organization.

3.1 Appearance
3.2 Pregnancy Discrimination
3.3 Equal Pay
3.4 Race and Ethnicity
4.0 Ways to address the balance between career and family in order to improve the organization human resource management.

4.1 Flexible time
4.2 Job Sharing
4.3 Break from Work
5.0 Conclusion
6.0 References

1.0 Introduction
Carsem is a leading provider of turnkey packaging and test service to the semiconductor industry,and offers one of the largest package and test portfolios in the world.Founded in 1972,Carsem is among the most experienced companies in the industry and it’s recognized as one of the largest in unit volume production.The company has over 9,000 employees and assembles in excess of 100 million unis each week,more than 65 percent of this volume is fully electrically tested product.Carsem is a member of one of Southeast Asia’s most successful and respected corporations,the Hong Leong Group,where semiconductors assembly and test has been considered a core business for over 25 years.

‘To be a World Class Company Offering Assembly ; Test to semiconductor companies throughut the world’


‘Carsem will strive to ensure Profitable Growth by Impressing Customer with Committed and Engaged Employees delivering operational,service and technology excellence’


Carsem’s policy is to provide products and services of the highest quality through ‘ZERO DEFECTS TODAY’, preventive Quality culture.Employees will act with honesty,sincerity and operate as a term to continously strive for improvement in quality,productivity,delivery,services and cost in order to be competitive and profitable.

ZERO DEFECTS QUAITY is the responsibilty of every employee.


Career and family balance is characterized as accomplishment of role-related expectations that are discuss between an individual and his or her partners in the work and family environment.Work and life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between work and family.Few of them will give priority to work because career would be their ambition.Work life balance is a choice an individual which they have to take by their own.. Nevertheless, it is the organization needs to take an initiative to help the employees. Now, an employee is not looking just for a job, and also to care for their work life balance follow by their well being.For example,employees of Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd works at shift because they have to earn money and at the same time they wants to be together with family.Balance between career and family and quality of life among job employed in public line of work. The challenge of balancing work and family demands is one of nowadays’s central concerns for both individuals and organization.Satisfaction with work family balance and job satisfaction for group of employees with different personal and family needs.

Besides that,there are two components of work and family balance were assessed which is time balance and involvement balance.Time balance for work and family such as spend equal time for work and family.Example,employees of Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd should plan their working hours like once they back from work they should be together with their family.Involvement balance such as giving importance for work and family.While some may argue that we realize ourselves through work. When an individual is hence employed in an organization, they does not give up his life in exchange for work rather he attempts to maintain a balance between them. Example,employees, the day is not over when they go home.Example,for a women as a mother is a second day of work starts at home,they come home to the second shift assuming the inescapable role of a wife and a mother. People who have better balance have a greater job satisfaction and perform better in their position.

2.0 How balance between career and family can affect human resource management in the selected organization.

Being a full-time working women as wife and mother can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because of have to pay attention between career and family.As a women it’s not easy balancing career and family but how well they manage this can make a significant difference to their relationship with their family.Since employees of Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd are employed full time and part time they may have family,friends and social activities to make them released from tired and stress.Due this,they will not feel that are missing out from their family.To balance between career and family employees could communicate with their employer,create special family activities,stay connected during the day and socializing at work.

2.1 Communicate with Employer
Communicating with employer or HR representative,employee should written plan detailing about what they need.Every employer is different,and only a employee knows how much to share,to be open and honest as possible.Example,Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd employees can communicate with their HR related their working hours or taking off.If for women they could ask for maternity leave.

2.2 Create special family activities
Sending time with family during weekdays and weekend can allow they family bonding to be strong.Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd employees they could take off on a day and have a family breakfast or a family night with playing games or watch movies together.When they have family outings ,they should avoid talking about work issues and avoid hanging out to the phone.Instead,focus on their kids like giving importance to their interest such as friends ,hobbies and others.They can also ask for suggestions from their children their needs and to do it together.On the other hand,spending activities with their partner like going out for a date once in a month.Example,they might have a indoor date night by cooking meal together and eat together without talking about work.

2.3 Stay connected during the day
Stay connected with their children when they are not together.At least make a call for your kids and talk to them.Example,call for them and says ‘I love you’ would shows how much they care each other.Due to this,their family will knows that they are always in their thoughts.If for employees which does not have time to meet their family members due to part time work they could stay connect through video call and through other ways.Example,for a mom with younger kids,they can record their self talking or singing on a video or record their voice reading along their children.For the employees who works at office they can hang pictures of their partner and kids.Moreover,during breaks at work,call their child and hearing their voice will make them feel comforted.

2.4 Socializing at work
It’s common for colleagues to hangout after work or during work like during their lunch time.There are times to have beers and having funs with colleagues but there are also times to go home,relax,watch movie and spend time with their family.Example,employees can go out during their lunch hours to make them feel free and they can chit chat.They also can take a gap during working hours like stretching their hands and legs to not feel tired. Furthermore,at Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd management can plan a holiday or business trip for employees so that they can mingle with other staff and they can chit chat with their top management without any hesitation.

3.0 What if most of employees in a workplace are women,what issue that can affect human resource management in the selected organization.

Although women have come a long way throughout history by gaining the right to work,there is still an obvious gender that loiter within the workplace.It doesn’t matter whether it’s a man benefiting more from small talk than women.A modern day women struggles much to strike a balance between career and family,often sacrificing to succeed and gain status within a company and society.Women continue encounter challenges when it’s challenging in their workplace.Here are the most common issue faced by women in today’s workplace which is appearance,pregnancy discrimination,equal pay and race and ethnicity.

3.1 Apperance
Women’s appearance is judged more than males based on their clothing,body frame or makeup because it will change male thoughts.Not every women gives importance to their appearance but sometimes the critism is that women don’t look polished enough ,with the attitude being that the women doesn’t care about their job.On the other hand,if a women dresses well and pays attention to her appearance,others will assume she’s trying hard.It’s difficult to find the perfect where you look tidy and professional but not too polished and untidy.Example,employees appearance should be proper so that woman will not face any problems by other gender.

3.2 Preganancy Discrimination
There will be issue to the company if majority of employees is women because they will face maternity leave.Due to that,company will have to appoint other employee temporarily to cover the employee which is on leave.Being a working woman can become difficult when it comes to having a baby.There are many women are afraid of starting a family know that their career will be affected because they have to balance their career,health and family.Example,if there is 3% at the company women having pregnancy it will affect the management because the company wil face imbalance employees and the job will be pending since they on leave.Moreover,due this pregnancy most of the women might resign their job in order to take care their baby and health.This would affect the human resource management in the organization.

3.3 Equal pay
Women nowadays are facing wage gap compared to men.In fact,women need to work more than 70 additional days each year to catch up the earnings of men.Based on my study,women which have take into account experience,degree,job level,and women MBA graduates were paid less than men in their first job after graduation.This would cause the organization lost exprienced and talented employees because women employees is not satisfied with their pay.HR management of the company have to pay equally for women and men to avoid issues at the organization.
3.4 Race and ethinicity
Racial and ethnical racism happen in the workplace.Most of the company is facing racial problems at their workplace.Women who are working of color face a unique set of challenges that intersect across race,ethnicity,gender and culture.Because of this,women of color oftenly have to deal with daunting roadblocks such as other people’s attitude.The HR management of the company have to give importance to this issue because it will affect the organization in the way of employees will fight each other and resign the job.


4.0 Ways to address the balance between career and family in order to improve the organization human resource management.

Employers are realizing that the quality of an employee’s personal and family life impacts work quality.Furthermore,ways to balance between career and family employees should plan their time.There are few aspects of work culture which is flexibility of working hours, flexibility of the work itself, and supportive supervision.When an organization decide to assist their employees career and family balance, they choose from a wide arrangement of option which is flexible time,priotise their time,compressed working hours,job sharing and breaks from work.Trying to balance work and home life is even more difficult. They may not always feel in control but there are things that they can do and think about to help manage the balance between work and home.Here are few ways to make sure career and family flourish.

4.1 Flexible time.

Flexible working hours is a program policy that allows full-time employees to choose starting and ending times within guidelines specified by the organization. It works well for full-time office staff, but not in shift patterns or in a production line because their working hours are limited compared to full time employees. Flexible time allows an employee to attend to non-work demands without having to take time off work.For an example,Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd company.Employees of Carsem company working hours are different because they work at shift. Based on this study, they will be working without a long break and they would not have much time to spend with their family.Due to this,Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd management should make their working hours flexible so that employees could have time to spend with their family.It would be equality for career and family.

4.2 Job-sharing
Job-sharing is a system where two people share a job. They both have the same job, but split their working hours, so that each employee has a part-time position. Apart from splitting the hours, they also split the payments, holidays and benefits. The idea is to afford employees ample time to attend to non-work activities so as to be able to achieve a good measure of career and family balance.Other than that,the manager will have many paper works and they have to work on system to key in documents of Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd.Thus,to avoid a person to complete everything they can divide their job to other employee.For a example,if they didn’t share their job it will be pending and the manager will face stress,back to home late.This could make the manager couldn’t be together with their family.So,the manager should split their job thus they could complete their job as fast as possible.Due to this,the job of manager will complete and they can be together with their family.This will balance their career and family.

4.3 Breaks from work
By taking breaks from work once in a while,it will be the right balance between work and family. These breaks should not only be about maternity, paternity and parental leave, but also time off for career breaks and day of rest.Make time for a holiday and book in breaks, at least quarterly. Even a long weekend every quarter is better than nothing.Besides that, employees can take off a day and be together with their family. The fact is their children will just enjoy being around them for a time on that day while they can water the garden, take the dog round the block, or pick up their brother or sister from a friend’s. As long as you’re relaxed, and listening to their chat, they’ll be happy.As an example,Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd employees works on shift.If their full time shift ends at 5.00pm they could back home early and be together with their family and this will make them feel freely from work stress and for the night shift employees they could be together with their family in morning such like preparing food for them and can send their children to school as long as they talk and have fun with their family. Due to this,this will balance their work and family lifestyle.

5.0 Conclusion
Career and family balance is a day-to-day effort to make their time for family and friends, personal growth,self-care,and other activities.Career and family balance content a win-win situation for employees. While the employee may perceive career and family balance as the dilemma of managing work obligations from the employer’s point of view include the challenge of creating a supportive company culture where employees focus on their jobs.On the other hand,in whichever way it is viewed, the existence of effective career and family balance programmes in an organization will do employer good. For employees, there is stress,happiness,motivation, and a better chance of reaching personal and career goals satisfactory. For a example, women.Women will still hold a heavy responsibility compared to men because once they back from work they have to work at home like Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd women employees.If they work full time after 5pm they have to start another shift at home.The pursuit the career and family balance stress employees.As an example,employees have to go for a break to reduce their stress and be together with family.

Hence,employees experience a personal, to achieve career and family balance is challenging. Employers can assist employees to experience career and family balance by offering such having a flexible working hours.As above,management of Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd could make flexible working hours so that employees will feel free from stress and during leisure time they can attend their family activities. They would create a work environment in which career and family balance is expected, enabled, and supported. They retain outstanding employees to whom career and family balance is important like parents.Employees will not face any problem in family,if their family is understanding or work at the same firm and being support to each other.Last but not least,these would be the ways of balance between career and family by employees now days.

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