One of the most important aspects of human health is hygiene. Hygiene refers to the conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness. Presently, an increase in pollution, as well as haze and fog has caused a spike in the number of diseases and an overall decline in the hygiene standards of the world. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization, 1 to 3 percent of the US population suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and 1 in every 200 children has the disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental health disorder which occurs when a person gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions which results in a phobia. One of the most frequent phobias resulting from OCD is mysophobia, which is the pathological fear of germs and being contaminated by something harmful. Therefore, if people want to stay away from germs, they require something which will help them detect it.

Germs, parasites etc are not visible to the naked eye and therefore it is very difficult to eradicate them. Moreover, parasites live on the human body and cause several skin diseases. Stains like urine and other fluids are not visible once they dry and therefore they pose a serious hygiene issue. A lot of hotel rooms have stains on mattresses, beds, and curtains and this is an issue of personal hygiene for the guests who stay in the rooms. 1 A small study of nine hotel rooms presented at the American Society for Microbiology in 2012 showed remote controls, telephones, carpets, and bedside lamp switches contained high levels of faecal and aerobic bacteria. Those types of bacteria could lead to gastrointestinal illness, among others. So, there is a dire need for a device which will help us to detect and identify germs.

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The objective of this proposal is to introduce a device called “Hygiene Sensor” which can be used to solve all these problems. The “Hygiene Sensor” looks like a digital camera but is fitted with a UV light. UV light has the property to illuminate all the stains and germs. Using the UV light, the device detects the stains and germs and pinpoints the exact area using infrared sensors and displays the stains on the screen. Weighing in at 137 grams and measuring only 96 x 54.9 x 25.7 mm the device can fit just about anywhere-jeans, pocket, shirt pockets. There is a 3 – inch 1080p screen so that customers can view the germs and stains with extreme ease. The device is brilliant in every way. The device is made of exceptional materials. It has a precision-machined, aerospace-grade aluminium band and it is water and dust resistant. The device comes with six stunning new finishes – red, blue, yellow, white, black and coral. Hotels can use this device to maintain their standards of hygiene.
The device which is currently available in the market is just the ‘blacklight’ which basically uses the same concept but can only be used in pitch dark and requires the user to wear glasses. The “Hygiene sensor” does not require all these. All it requires is the user to point the device at the area and he gets the spots on the display. Due to its portability, the device can be carried and used anytime anywhere. Due to its high – grade material and added capabilities of dust and water resistance, it is extremely durable. Even though it has all these amazing features it comes at an affordable so that all people whether rich or poor can get their hands on them.

The device is extremely user – friendly. To scan the germs and stains, the user must hold the device in front of the area which he wants to scan in the same way a photographer clicks a photo. The UV light emitted from the camera and the infrared rays pinpoint the exact locations of the stains as well as germs and display it on the screen. A team of researchers is working further to improve the device which will enable the users to relay the display to their smartphones using Bluetooth. This will drastically reduce the size and weight of the device and increase its portability. This will also cut down the cost of the device.

Stabilizer – $20
Scanner – $5
Camera – $25
Infrared Sensor – $3
Design – $15
Wire – $1
Total – $69
The total cost of the device is 69 dollars inclusive of taxes.

In the recent years, the overall awareness of the general population towards a healthier lifestyle and a better standard of living has been on the rise. Our product contributes to enhancing this attitude of people to live a healthy life.