Based on the result and discussion, the system was guaranteed to be running, accurately online through varied tests that were done. The system is in able to operating or debugging has been create, and all the specific details about ordering and reservation system were done. Therefore, it was reliable its value in case by case basis that has been applied. Wherein, the system is ready launch and implement as meets the requirements of the client.

The developers of Online Inquiry and Ordering with Reservation System for Mi Dai Korean Restaurant gave their current way to apply the new developed system by means if the answering customer’s inquiries regarding the ordering where all the available items to order are displayed. This is where the customers can see the details of the item and place order which will be placed on the order cart once the customers are done ordering. And integrating the reservation m system where the information processed will become precise, accessible and secure, with the use of internet, interview and observation method. The proponents suggest a simple yet systematic implementation of an online based reservation system whose software will include such as reservation form , email confirmation monitoring (calendar ,time ,number of customer and for the admin reservation( list, cancellation of reservation and the view module). As a result , these would enhance their performance bringing the accomplishment on best and generate a persistent and consistent progress.

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