Basically, the term fracking relates with withdrawal of oil or natural gas from ground water applying chemical components, but this process is argumentative among environmental activists and politicians. The main issue is water contamination due to the operation of fracking. The supporters of fracking claim that fracking is not threating for people and environment. Firstly, fracking is a popular activity in many developed nations because it is one of the means of profit and prosperity. Through fracking, a country can store sufficient natural gas for future need. Secondly, a huge controversy regarding fracking in different areas around the world is visible. The major concerns that have been escalated are health degradation, earthquakes, water and air pollution. A research conducted by the researchers of Duke University proved that there has been a presence of methane in drinking water in several sites of Pennsylvania and New York, where hydraulic projects have been set up. In contrast, the supporters of fracking claimed that there is no presence of any harmful chemicals in fracking approach (U.S. Department of Energy (DOE, 2013). To conclude, the role of fracking during crisis of natural gas is significant but very controversial for its influence on health and environment.