Before, when I thought of geography I simply related it to location and maps. Geography to me was always about locating places on maps through degrees, latitude and longitude. However, geography is the study of place, space and the environment. Geography is a perspective, a specific method for thinking and considering the earth. It is wide and different study that focus on interrelationships, interconnections, and union of earth and the things around it. Geology incites and answers inquiries regarding the normal and human universes, utilizing distinctive sizes of enquiry to see them from alternate points of view. It creates learning of places and conditions all through the world, a comprehension of maps, and a scope of investigative and critical thinking abilities.. Considering geology welcomes us to partake all the more completely in the energy, delight and test of this dynamic world. It draws on individual experience, to enable us to better comprehend the places we live in, why they matter and how they are associated with a globalized world. Geography draws from over the physical, social, economic and political circles to light up key issues for the present and the future, investigated at all scales from the individual to the nearby and the worldwide. To be honest I never understood the importance of geography and how it relates to everyday life. It incorporates the spatial investigation of human and normal marvels, the investigation of earth sciences, and the investigation of the connection amongst nature and human life. The investigation of geography incorporates the examination of social, economic, and environmental procedures that influence nature. The geography of a region influences the way of life of the people and places around it. It has a strong impact on the social and cultural norms of people in the world and their environment. Geography can affect the traditions, art, food, and literature of places and people around it. Studying geography can help us understand the different background of people and their way of living. Earth is a very unique places that had a history and through geography we can learn a lot about the past. The analysis of geography incorporates understanding the areas of different regions and nations. It helps to understand and analysis the landmasses and water bodies all over the world. Their examination encourages us shape a picture of the separations and areas of different locales on the planet. It impacts the spreading of common and man-made assets over the globe. The geological area of a locale impacts its atmosphere, which impacts life’s nature that can flourish in that region. In this way, the examination of geography answers a few intriguing inquiries regarding the accessibility and spreading of resources and living things. We live in a universe of astounding magnificence, boundless multifaceted nature. Geography is the subject which opens the way to this dynamic world and readies every single one of us for the part of worldwide national. Through geology, individuals figure out how to respect and manage the planet and every one of its inhabitant.