Best Gifts for Car Lovers
Car lovers are thrilled about hitting the road in their favorite vehicle or working in the garage on a car upgrade. But, purchasing gifts for the car enthusiasts can be pretty challenging. To help you come up with a great gift idea we have compiled this list of the best gifts for car lovers.
Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder
These days phones are used not only for making calls or texting messages but they also feature GPS that can help you navigate. However, using the phone while driving is not only difficult but is rather dangerous as well. Any driver will be happy to get this universal cell phone holder which will keep your phone within arm’s reach.
Auto Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock
If your loved one is a mechanic or is just passionate about working on cars he is sure to be excited to get this exclusive gears and wall clock. Help him decorate his interior space with this cool and truly special clock. Made of an engine timing gear and chains, it will serve as a great accessory that can be used to decorate a garage, and even a living room.
Bluetooth Cassette Adapter
This device is quite affordable but it will quickly update the old car that lacks modern technology. This Bluetooth cassette adapter can be used to play music from any portable Bluetooth enabled device. You can take calls through the speakers too!
Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
Experienced drivers know that having properly filled tires is important for fuel efficiency and can impact the smoothness of your ride. But, filling car tires can be troublesome. Consider presenting this cordless tire inflator to that special someone to ensure the tires of his car get inflated properly. By the way, this tire inflator automatically shuts off when the proper PSI is reached. It is convenient, isn’t it?
Car Charger
A car charger is a must have these days when we just can’t imagine our life without mobile devices. While most car chargers handle only one device at a time this car charger is sure to become a perfect gift because it features three separate ports that will enable you to charge several devices simultaneously.
One Gallon Car Mats
Keeping a car clean and free of spots is very important for any car lover. These special one-gallon car mats that soak up to a gallon of liquid can cope with any mess. No other maps will protect the car floors better than they do, guaranteed.
Kick Mats
In addition to protecting the floors you may help your friend or loved one keep their car’s interior unspoiled with these kick mats that fit perfectly over the back of the driver and passenger seats. Now taking the kids for a spin is not a problem as their muddy boots won’t make the car messy anymore.
Heated Massage Cushion
Driving long distances can be fun, but it isn’t always comfortable, especially in a classic car. Luckily with this heated seat cushion with massage capabilities it is not going to be so tiresome. Furthermore, this heated massage cushion can be used in the office as well.
Volkswagen Seat Buckle Belt
Ultra stylish and completely functional, this Volkswagen seat belt buckle is made with an authentic replica of a metal seatbelt buckle. It features classic VW logo and reclaimed webbing.
LED Interior Underdash Lighting Kit
These amazing LED interior underdash lights are sure to add style to any car’s interior. The lights feature a sound activation mode, plus three strobing modes and three fading modes, as well as seven color brightness levels. This lighting kit is really cool.
Personalized Garage Sign
If your friend or relative spends lots of time in the garage fixing cars, then consider presenting a personalized garage sign. This metal sign can have the recipient’s name on it, as well as the car model or anything you think is appropriate. Completely customized, it will make a unique gift you will never find elsewhere.
Encyclopedia of Classic Cars
Any classic car enthusiast would be happy to get this wonderful book with about 2 thousand illustrations of the best and most renowned cars on the globe. Featuring models from 1945 to 2000 the book covers classic, modern classic and even dream cars. It is sure an interesting read.
Car Seat Gap Filler
These seat gap fillers will help keep the car clean. They fit in between the seat and the center console and are very effective at keeping out bits of food, coins, and more.
Pontiac GTO Front 1966 Car Shelf with Lights
This cool shelf is not only beautiful and stylish, but also functional. Shaped just like the front of a 1966 Pontiac GTO the shelf will look good not only in a garage, but also in an office or even a man cave!
Car Speedometer Cuff Links
Who can you surprise with a pair of boring gold cufflinks nowadays? Right, no one, but these original car speedometer cuff links will make a truly one-of-a-kind functional gift. They are an excellent keepsake and are sure to become a cherished graduation, birthday, or Father’s Day gift.