Botanical garden

The botanical garden is a research institute that investigates, collects, identifies , introduces, acclimates, preserves, and promotes the use of plants, as well as popularizing plant science knowledge and providing recreation for the masses . The plants in the botanical gardens are generally cultivated according to their different types. Although the botanical garden generally considers the aesthetic concept in layout and collection, its scientific use value is the most important, which is the difference between it and the general ornamental garden . Most botanical gardens are managed by universities or specialized scientific research institutions
Botanical garden mission
Exhibitions, introductions, research and the use of abundant plant resources in nature , especially wild plant resources, are the basic tasks of botanical gardens. Therefore, all plants
The collection of plant germplasm resources, including the collection, identification and preservation of rare, precious and endangered species, is the primary link in their work. At the same time, the botanical garden is also an important field for plant introduction and domestication. It plays an important role in adapting foreign plants to local growing conditions, increasing and modifying local cultivated plant species.
Many famous botanical gardens also conduct research on plant classification, physiology, morphology, ecology and plant breeding. In combination with scientific research for scientific popularization, the park attaches importance to science education, and it is almost the joint work of all botanical gardens. The method includes arranging various plant exhibition areas, supplemented by schematic descriptions of specimens, models, charts, texts, etc.; holding special lectures, screening slides, videos or movies; publishing books and holding training classes.

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