Breaking Bad Midterm Paper
Television shows are an incredible way to create a connection between viewers and fictional characters in a way that movies don’t have the timeframe to do. There many reasons to watch TV shows, including the fact that it encourages friends and family to come together in a world that always seems to be busy at work or school and watch a show. However its educational value can differ depending of the type of show and its topic. TV shows can be an excellent way to teach life lessons, build values and make good choices in life, something especially important early in life. In my own experience I have discovered that many people have a part of them that has been heavily influenced by TV shows, often in a social aspect usually from watching shows such as “Friends” or “How I Met Your Mother”. Being 17, almost everyone I know has grown up with Netflix in their lives and has unlimited access to hundreds of TV shows without having to wait between each episode. Such availability allows people to watch more Television shows than ever before in history, but this isn’t a bad thing. In a increasingly busy world with more worries about financial security than ever, Tv shows can provide an outlet, in fact there is even evidence that a persons blood pressure can be lowered by watching just 30 minutes of a TV show. TV shows can also provide companionship to lonely people, often time being elderly people who have limited mobility and people to converse with, and can prolong or prevent the possibly ensuing effects of depression. People often overlook these benefits that TV shows can reap, and some even see them as harmful. There are many shows however that lack any valuable educational value and no one should substitute television shows over real life social interaction if possible. TV shows can also be a very intricately designed and expensive piece of art, brought to life by the minds of brilliant creators. A perfect example of such a show would in my opinion be “Breaking Bad”.
As the main topic for this midterm I decided to write about the timeline and history of one of my favorite shows, “Breaking Bad” , and analyze the footprint it has left on the Television Show industry. I recently began watching the show for the second time and I couldn’t stop watching one episode after the other with each cliffhanger leaving me wondering what happened. “Breaking Bad” is labeled as a Neo-Western Crime Drama Thriller. The show was created by Vince Gilligan, a producer who previously had an extraordinary track record with the X-Files. Vince originally envisioned a character that would begin as the protagonist and end with being the antagonist. The idea of the name “Breaking Bad” is rooted from the meaning ‘raising hell’, but can also be defined as ‘going wild’, belligerent or defying authority.The main character of the show Walter White (Bryan Cranston) was the perfect character for this declination, and displayed incredible acting skills. Beginning as an ordinary high school chemistry teacher with a family that he loved dearly and a baby on the way, Walter’s life