Burger King is a well-known brand, they has long been a player in the fast food industry and has a lot of advertisement strategy. The concept of the advertisements are mostly used the Logos and Pathos, they used the advantageous of televisions and flyers. Makes a good use of color as showing the bun and stand out the meat, spinach and cheese are the purpose of this advertisement. With powerful visuals, just by taking a quick glance at the image, the viewer are drawn to the ad and would not be able simply ignore it. The purpose of this is to make sure that the audience are attracted to it and motivate the action, which is purchasing the product.
A husband and wife found Burger King in 1954 inspired by McDonald Brothers’. The duo ran the restaurant independently until in 1967 it expanding to over 250 locations in United States and now with more than 15,000 stores and more than 34,000 employees all over the world and they has introduced many products from time to time. The most prominent change is when Burger King hired McDonald’s executive to lead to company in updated franchise agreements, menu, and store designs to create a new feel look of the company. The firms’ strategy included a new advertising agency and ad campaign lead them with highly successful initial public offering in 2006. Every country has a different culture and taste so Burger King tries to creates new products with different taste that are suitable to the taste of the society. So do not be upset if you go to another country and try to looking for your favorite meals but it is not there.
Every advertisement of Burger King always use an attractive burger with smoke on it and the most interesting part is the price, they attract audiences with the best value of each meals. In addition, they sometimes work with another company as their partner for the payment options or transaction options so when the costumers by the products from its application, they will get other offers such as discount. In most of their ad, Burger King always insert their mottos that is “it just tastes better”, which makes the audiences think and ask tastes better that what? The more the viewers process it the more the desire to want buy its product, which is one of Burger King’s strategies. They use Logos strategies on this ad that is means nothing but sounds factual.
The most controversial of Burger King’s advertisements was their ad in 2009. They released an advertisement for “BK Super Seven Incher” for limited offer in Singapore. This ad presents a picture of a short hair woman with her eye-catching red lips wide-open ready to take a bite of the “Seven Incher” which led to sexism and vulgarity causing the audience to only focus on the woman picture and not how much they want to buy the product. Burger King uses Pathos for desires and there is a big quote, which says “IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND”, this all capitalized and give a strong impression to the viewers and give different meanings whether it is sexual or non-sexual. The idea of this ad is to aims and create a fantasy where a man need to do is to hold the burger and young, attractive women will want to have sex with them. In the other side, this can be considered offensive to women. Not enough with this, Burger King describes what will the audiences gets when they eat this with a small font on the bottom right of the picture using statements such as “Fill your desire for something long, juicy” and “yearn for more”, although men did not consciously think it that way but the idea is still on their mind. It is clearly that they want to gain interests from men but it can also ruin the image of Burger King Company by using the sexual advertisement.
For the last sentence on the descriptions, they persuading people by displaying the fact and ingredients of their product that can be linked to Ethos. This ad can be considered to an overly sexual advertisement and cause the consuments think twice before buy the products.