C. Statement of the objectives to be achieved:
In response to the issue of little or almost no application of social media in small business, the main objective of the project is to increase awareness about the effective use of social media. Many people doing small business do not understand social media terminology and how these can be used to influence the commercial decision. To resolve this issue and increase application of social media for a business purpose, the main objectives of the project are as follows:
• To enable Smartersoft Limited to provide services to a customer using social media
• To inquire staffs related to the challenges faced in using social media terms with the client. This will help to predict knowledge related to social media and
• To provide a list of strategies to use social media as a platform to attract customers and build an ongoing relationship with the client
• To develop a list of methods to improve the visibility of the brand and build widened professional network.
• To use strategies like the one-on-one interaction with staffs to make them aware of social media terminology and the terms that can be used during professional interaction
• To evaluate the methods proposed regarding the effectiveness of the use of social media terms for marketing and decision-making process
• To develop a summary sheet of information to aid commercial decision process.