Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature
A major problem encountered by Balai Ha BukSU is its current manual based system. It leads to various inconveniences of the hotel’s daily operations. This study intends to create a more convenient way to manage the hotel’s reservation and operations via online.
Several past studies about hotel reservation and management system had been conducted by international (Richard et al., Prof Eduardo et al., Joleen Bizi Mubiri (2014)) and local researchers (Glenda A. Dalizo et al. (2013) have different views and focus about their studies.
Richard et al. studies about Online Hotel Reservation System and concluded that the old system does not serve the customer in a better way; rather it makes customer data vulnerable. For security purposes, the new developed system keeps proper records of customers. With the help of virtual tour created along with system, it will advertised the hotel effectively. The study about Joleen Bizi Mubiri (2014) concentrates more about customer satisfaction on hotel services and stated that the hotel industry has been one of the most competitive industries especially in the 21st century. Because of this, lifting customer loyalty is one of the key aspects of enhancing competitiveness in the industry as well as ensuring business continuity. Furthermore, Prof Eduardo et al., studies about mobile money and payment. It was mentioned that because of the quick rise in the development of mobile technology around the globe, it becomes a circumstance that has been exceptional among poor people, greatly because of the prepaid model. Due to this, all classes of society now have the opportunity to financial services as this mobile-money system become increasingly well-known. Researcher Yinglin Mang focuses his studies on strategic planning about the Management of an Indigenous Hotel Chain Company in China. In addition, the research study conducted by Glenda A. Dalizo et al. (2013) is concentrated on the development and design of an on-line hotel reservation and management for the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM). The software they developed presented features that enable to help the CITHM students in familiarizing with an online hotel reservation system.
It was clear in the previous studies that although there are online reservation and management system developed for different purpose, there were things such as system’s features that do exist on the past research. Some has virtual tour which is a simulation of an existing location; it is commonly composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It could also use different elements of multimedia like music, sound effects, texts and narration. It is eminent upon the use of live television to affect tele-tourism. Generally, all the previous studies didn’t include all of the hotel’s basic management operations and focus only over one thing. However, our study aims to develop a system which covers not only basic processes are covered but also other processes which includes the tariffs (what comes out and comes in in the hotel), monitoring of the housekeeping, automation of the restaurant operations ; transactions, etc.
The study through the proposed system could eliminate all the manual processes and give Balai Ha BukSU a more convenient, a more improved and efficient way to handle the hotel. Also, it can enable Balai Ha BukSU to compete on today’s demanding and competitive market and help students who will use the system in the future to learn the basic principles and knowledge. It will help them understand the complexity of the hotel and restaurant business. It will be beneficial for the University since this will boost the delivery of instruction and prove to be cost efficient, Glenda A. Delizo et al. (2013).