Chidinma Iwunze
Dr. Jessica Oxendine
English 1301
9 October 2017
Should the embargo against Cuba be lifted?
For a decade now, the embargo against Cuba has remained in effect, which does not allow trade, nor immigration from Cuba to America, or vice versa. Though many believe that this embargo against Cuba, has proved ineffective and irrelevant, government officials have yet to denounce it. The denouncing of the Cuban Embargo act could greatly improve the communication and visitation between countries, produce economic growth for Cuba, while not promoting communism through Americans relations.

The embargo was first issued by the Formers and late President of the United States John F. Kennedy on February 7th, of 1962 (Eiselman 326-7.). The only resources that were not affected by this blockade are select drug and medicines, along with select foods (Rangel, 328). The reason for this blockade begin with Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro, who began his reign in 1959. When Fidel Castro’s regime proved to be one of communism, Americans sought this out as a threat, and this was the initial cause that began the hostility between the two countries. (LeoGrande, 940). Americans acted upon their opposition of Fidel’s views by, initiating relations with Cuba’s enemies and/or opponents, issuing the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion, which was made with the intent of growing the opposition against Cuba (LeoGrande, 940).

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Though many would expect the embargo against Cuba would no longer be in effect, that is not the case. There have been numerous attempts by state and government officials to denounce and lessen the hostility between the countries. The Free Trade with Cuba Act emphasizes Barack Obamas attempt at normalization between the countries (Linicome, 2014), towards the act. For example, his attempt at convincing others that Cuba is no longer a threat to America, especially with Fidel Castro’s reign being over, and the Soviet Union’s fall. All evidence and commentary has proven this act to be completely useless to the Unites States.

Lifting the Embargo, will provide a new era of economic growth for not only Cuba, but for America (Evaluating The Cuban Embargo, 4.3). Democracy, which is a factor America would like to be implemented into all countries of all nations. Clearly, there is a correlation between economy and democracy, countries that are thriving with privilege, are a country of democracy, if America were to normalize relations with Cuba, it would improve their democracy and improve the standard or wealth and living for the individuals in said country.

Another reason as to why the ban should be lifted is that, the ban provides restrictions against visitation from the two countries, not only trade, and America is a country that promotes rights of all others, which should allow visitation to all countries, however, this ban is not allowing that (Lincicome, 2014). When families are not able to see or talk to each other, because of this ban it is as if they are being restricted of their basic human rights. That communication process between the two countries will greatly improve, families will be able to send mail and possibly visit each other.

Along with any kind of argument, comes the opposing views, the most mentioned argument coming from the opposing side regarding the embargo is that, lifting the embargo will promote communism, which as well correlates the first stated reasoning, as well as demolishes their stance of Cuban communism and democracy. Americans believe that this fellow country shall turn to democracy. (Menendez, 15). It is a well-known fact that America is of avid and strong opposition of communism, however some Cuban leader do in fact promote communism. If America is going to use the “No relations with communism promoters” statement, then America shall seize relations with a handful of other nations that they trade with. For example, China, which is a communist country that America continues to and will never seize business with. The fact is, America fails to lift the embargo on Cuba, not because their lack of democracy, but because their lack of privilege and ability to provide plentiful resources.
The embargo has been criticized countless of times, and about 60% of American agree that the embargo is useless, and should be lifted, while less than half believe that the embargo serves a great purpose, this data is not only referring to the people but by some individuals with government power. Though, this belief is popular, it has been yet to be removed.

In recap, decades ago, John F. Kennedy former president, initiated the United States Embargo on the country of Cuba, the embargo hinders travelling, and trading with the countries. The embargo began when Fidel Castro and former President of the United States began hostility between each other. Many officials and the people believe that this embargo should be lifted, and has been proven to be unnecessary and irrelevant, of those people includes former President of the United States Barack Obama, who has attempted to lessen the hostility, by allowing some visitation rights. About sixty percent of American disagree with the embargo and forty percent are for the embargo.
After 50 years of aggressiveness, towards Cubans, Americans should lift this embargo against Cuba. Cuba is ninety miles away, far too close to America to have such hostility towards one another. If Americans were to remove the embargo, the country of Cuba could possibly have a great economic growth, the power of America is very great and could easily improve a country like Cuba, so why not remove this irrelevant embargo?

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