Clear and effective communication is very important in the workplace. The meaning of communication is to transfer idea or information from one person to another. Where communication is not effective its importance is undermined. Therefore, communication should be effective for the following reasons; Building and maintaining relationship, facilitating innovation, building an effective team, managing employees, contributing to growth of the company and Ensuring transparency. (Australian Institute of Business)

Building and maintain relationship. Effective or positive communication can lead to the recipient to get clear understanding from the sender thereby increase cohesiveness and brings the workers together for common ideas or goals which lead to increase productivity in companies.
Facilitating innovation, when workers or personnel are giving equal opportunities to openly brings up their ideas on board for discussion, it helps them to create new innovative and proactive ideas to contribute for the development of the company.
Building an effective team, when communication is effective and open to all the workers in the place of work, it entices the workers to come together as a team. It improves the workers moral if the managers give or explain detail about company’s roles and visions. Effective communication builds confidence in the work force which will lead them to work together to achieve a common goal.
Managing employees, when managers communicates very well to their employees about their duties and what is demanded from them, it will help the employees to work effectively and efficiently at work without accident and incidents. Effective communication helps the managers to get good feedback from employees by building good relationship and better understanding of work.

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