Communication through the Internet(eg. VoIP) becomes very popular nowadays. Wireless mobiles play a significant role in this popularity. Communication between users through the Internet can be achieved by collection of nodes, terminals, and links(known as communication network). We can set up the connection of networks with the help of source and destination addresses between two or more terminals. The protocol is a framework which explains how two or more electronic devices(like laptops, mobiles, network switches etc.) communicates with one another. Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) is a hypernym for all the technologies that are used in Internet Protocol for transporting voice information. Internet Protocol Suite (also known as TCP/IP) is a conceptual model and a collection of protocols that are used in communication through the Internet and other networks of the computer. TCP/IP also provide throughout the communication of data by describing how packetization, addressing, transmission, routing and receiving of data should be done. This process of data communication is organized into four conceptual layers which organize all protocols as per the scope of the networking involved.
In Internet Protocol Suite, the Application layer includes the interface methods and Protocols that are used in the process-to-process communication over networks of IP computer. This layer only systematizes communication and relay on the lower layer protocols ie., the transport layer protocols to set up the host-to-host transfer of data through channels and maintain the exchange of data in a client-server(or Peer-to-Peer) networking model.