The Water Sewerage Authority (WASA) is the largest public utility in Trinidad and Tobago and is the sole water and sewerage provider. The Company was established in 1965 by an Act of Parliament and its main responsibility is to provide water and sewerage to all sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. The Company’s mandate is to deliver safe, reliable and efficient water supply to all sectors of the economy. Over the years, WASA has successfully managed all freshwater wells and dams; namely, Hollis, Navet, Arena and Hillsborough Reservoir.

The company’s Vision is to be the best performing water utility in the Western Hemisphere.
The following are the Mission of the Authority:
To be a leading provider of water and wastewater services.

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To deliver customer service along the highest internationally recognized and accepted standards.

To continuously develop best business practices utilizing advanced technology and a well-developed and motivated workforce.

To leverage on industry expertise to offer global water and wastewater services
To sustain a commercialized business while remaining sensitive to our stakeholders and our environment.

Currently, the Water and Sewerage Authority has to deal with the prominent problem of absenteeism by employees. The Authority has no Absence Management Policy.