Conflicts are common with in any organisation Conflicts arise from differences. When individuals come together in teams, their differences in terms of power, values, and attitudes contribute to the formation of conflicts.
There are two types of conflicts.
1) Those revolve around the disagreement in relation to approach work
2) Those that may arise between individual members of team stemming from differences in personal value and beliefs.
If conflicts not managed properly it could rifts the development of the team and organisation.
Compares methods of addressing conflict within a team
Larson an LaFasto suggestion (2001)
CONECT Thompon’s Suggestion (2006)
Commit to the relationship by discussing the relationship. Not causing the problem concern.

Optimise safety with both parties committing to maintain confidential.

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Neutralise defensive with each person explaining what they have observed.

Explain each perspective or each side argument

Change one behavior and ask each person to change

Track the change and decide how improvements will be measured. Recongnise the conflict, do nit sweep under the carpet.

Evaluate the conflict to see how determine it would be if it was allowed to develop.

Deal with the conflict, keep open communication
As per Larson an LaFasto suggestion there should be always
1. Conversation is the conflict solving tool
2. Conversation must be initiate with a mediator As per Thompon’s suggestion there will be two extreme ends.
1. Pretending to conflict does not exist
2. Overacting to the situation