CS I: Safe Healthy Learning Environment
Safe: My goal for safe, healthy learning environment to keep my knowledge up to date for children safety. When my son was in pre k, I worked as a volunteer I read the book for children, and I helped them with a field trip. I have some hands-on activity ideas. I enjoy working with the children, and I want them to be safe. I ensure that they understand about safety. I also attended safety training like First Aid, CPR, AED, CDC, SIDS, and AHT I have standard knowledge about safety. I will commit to the school and family that who is in my care about the safety of their children, and I will keep them safe, and I never leave them unattended. I will ensure that classroom material; equipment should be age appropriate and hazards item should be removed from the classroom and outlet should be closed. I will keep chemicals labeled and out of reach children, and I will discuss with the children about play area safety rules, classroom safety rules, good touch, and bad touch and also ensure that they understand about safety and emergencies and who can help them when they feel unsafe. And they can discuss with a trusted adult. As a teacher, I feel that children’s, safety is more important to me and I ensure that children understand rules are important to follow.
Healthy: My goal for health is to understand about healthy children and unhealthy children that are important to me. I noticed that healthy children feel more active than unhealthy children. I love teaching them about being healthy is how important is that and encourage children to practice healthy habits. I will commit to myself, school, and families to Keep children healthy. I will keep germ free classroom and sanitize regularly I will ensure that children wash their hands each time with soap at least 20 seconds properly. I will follow the healthy diet for children. I will ensure that they will serve a nutritious meal like a vegetable, whole grain, fruits, and protein should include in their diet and less added sugar. I will also discuss with children’s families about allergies and any health conditions that are important to me to know about children that I can focus on healthy habits for children. I will assure that children understand about being healthy is important, and they follow the healthy practices like, eat healthily, do exercises, run, jump plays are active. Keep children active is my goal for health and that is important to me.
Learning Environment: My goal is to create a welcoming and positive learning environment that is key to success. I believe that welcoming environment keeps children joyfully to start a day and I like children to feel relaxed and cheerful when they come in the classroom. I love to do some welcoming activity in the class to start a day. I will commit to myself, school and families to build positive and productive learning environment. I will create caring, and enhance teaching practices and I will use strategies and plan curriculum to achieve those goals, and I will ensure that children will find engaging and enjoyable in that activity. I will keep classroom organized and labeled both languages for the dual learner. I will assess children’s development to know about their strengths and needs. I understand Erik Erikson’s theory, children’s development is essentially related to the different stages that nurturing regulate the progress of the stages and utilize development all areas. I will establish a mutual relationship with families. I will provide free time activity every day. I will keep noise toys together and quiet center for reading, art, writing.
CS I a: I support healthy, balanced meal throughout the day that will be beneficial for children and I think the weekly the menu should have a verity of vegetable and fruits, whole grain, protein-rich, less added sugar and less processed food. I feel the strength of menu is a healthy diet and food portion that is age appropriate.
CS I b: classroom should look creative, colorful, well organized, and equipment should be age appropriate for the class. Children’ artwork and a family photo and other material should display at children’s eye level. The classroom should look familiar to children. The classroom should look creative and colorful for children I think that’s strength for class.
CS Ic: Teacher should create a weekly plan that should include curriculum to achieve the goals and quality child care programs like language, math, motor reasoning, art and music this should be developmentally appropriate for children. I think strength is that creating a caring environment, enhance teaching, planning goals and assessing children’s development.