de?isions brought some people to the position of un?ert?inty ?nd double st?nd?rds. Elliot represents it ?s “Sh?pe without form, sh?de without ?olor”. The sh?pe should h?ve ? form, ?nd sh?dow h?s to h?ve ? ?olor, ?t le?st grey one. But somehow the sh?pes lost their form; there is no form of right ?nd wrong ?nymore in business world. Mostly the ?onvers?tion of ethi??l ?nd mor?l issues in?ludes two m?gi? words “It depends….”
?lso, I w?s impressed by the fifth p?rt of the poem whi?h st?tes “Between the ide? ?nd the re?lity; Between the motion ?nd the ??t f?lls the Sh?dow.” It is so true in the light of Kohlberg’s st?ges of mor?l development. The Sh?dow represents the thought pro?ess or ?ognitive development of someone before he or she moves to ?n ??tion. The Sh?dow (with ??pit?l S) in?ludes ?ll 3 levels Kohlberg’s st?ges of mor?l development. Mostly, the result depends on where the person is now ?nd whi?h st?ges he or she will ?hoose to ?pply. In the light of ???ounting this is ?lso very import?nt, be??use the ???ount?nt should edu??te ?nd question himself “Why I ?m doing wh?t I ?m doing? Be??use I ?m ?voiding the punishment, or be??use it will be ?onvenient for my firm? Is this de?ision will be f?ir to others? ?m I le?ding by the rules only, or ?m I ?onsidering the mor?l ?spe?ts, too?” “Between the essen?e ?nd the des?ent f?lls the Sh?dow.”