Detailed analysis of ?Letter from Birmingham Jail?
Peace and unity are essential to any society for better living and coexistence among the people. Lack of order especially where a particular group of people is segregated brings a lot of fear and discontentment among the affected people. In the early years, America practiced segregation and discrimination among people from different races who were not whites. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his letter, tries to show how the white people are discriminating the innocent Negro people and being killed for no good reason. The Negro communities are being mistreated because they are black people. Martin Luther King, Jr., upon violation of an injunction against protesting he was taken to Birmingham jail where he sought freedom for the Negro people by writing a letter expressing the need for the end of discrimination and segregation among the colored people. I would, therefore, like to discuss the content of the letter written by King Martin Luther to show his main intention of writing the letter. First, I will discuss what his letter contains; secondly, I will disclose Luther’s intentions of writing the letter, and lastly I will expound on the importance of his letter to the Negro community.
More than two hundred years ago, Jesus Christ died on the cross and resurrected to heaven which meant that Christians were set free and had freedom for He paid for all their debts. This was not the case for the Negro people in Birmingham in 1960s as they experienced a lot of discrimination and were segregated against by the white people. King Martin Luther went ahead to spread the gospel on the need for freedom for the Negro people and in his letter to his fellow clergymen he was able to express the difficulties that the Negro people went through. There was injustice in Birmingham, and the Negro peoples’ rights were not respected at all. The policemen who were filled with hate for the Negro people and could even kill them. A Negro man was castrated and his mutilated body left on a lonely road. The Negro people lived in a cage of poverty among the wealthy society as they could most likely experience unemployment and also be illiterate due to being segregated from learning institutions. The colored people were restricted from going to certain places such as public amusement park and Fun town and parents experienced difficulties in explaining those restrictions to their children, and this made their children develop bitterness towards the white people. Negro people lived with inner fears and outer resentment and were not certain of what to expect next from their discriminators. This proved to them that there was no freedom and power for them at all as they were considered as inferior.

As dark as the road may seem to be; there always lies light at the end of it. King Martin Luther from the Southern Christian Leadership Council was among the group of people who came out strongly and courageously to fight and demand the rights and freedom of the Negro people. As human beings, Negro people deserved to be treated right without being discriminated. King Luther in his letter to his fellow clergymen stated that injustices posses a threat to people with justice, and this motivated him to get out of his hometown to fight for the colored people. He wrote his letter in prison to show the humiliation that the Negro people were going through and express his inner desire for the freedom and end of segregation in Birmingham among the Negro people.
King Martin Luther was tired of hearing the word “Wait” for many years and this to him now meant “Never.” They had waited long enough for their constitutional and rights but all in vain. King Luther saw this as an opportunity to demand the freedom that had been waited for a long period. There were unjust laws that made segregation legal and according to King Luther, any law that demean humanity is unjust and illegal. The Southern Christian Leadership Council’s move towards fighting for the rights of the colored people led by King Luther gave a lot of hope to the Negro people as they would soon be out of the segregation and discrimination condition that they currently experienced.
King Martin Luther’s letter was of great significance towards the attainment of freedom among the colored people. He expressed the fact that unjust practices were considered to be legal and just practices seen to be illegal. From his letter, he revealed how Adolf Hitler legalized everything did in Germany claimed and the Hungarian freedom fighters were illegal. This showed that their protests against segregation and discrimination among the Negro community were seen to be illegal and this resulted in him being jailed in Birmingham. King Luther further condemned the policemen who claimed of maintaining order in preserving the evil system of segregation as they participated in intimidating and killing the Negro people with impunity.
In conclusion, racial segregation and discrimination have negative impacts on the people that include high poverty level, poor job opportunities, fear among the people and high level of illiteracy. People from all races have the capabilities of doing great things from wherever they may be, and segregation can be used as a way to show the superiority and inferiority of the people. Lives are sacred and should not be destroyed by whichever means, and the humans should be highly respected. Human rights should also be upheld and unlawful practices condemned in the highest means possible. People need to be patriotic enough to condemn against the unjust practices in the society to ensure peaceful coexistence among people of different races.

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