Do you know in today’s society social media has more of a negative influence than positive? People do not realize the effect it has on society. Usually people tend to follow negative aspects instead of being an influential leader. Social media may be the reason why today’s generations grow up so disrespecting each other, and the reason why the world is going downhill. This essay will inform the readers that social media has negative aspects such as: cyber-bullying, violence, and false information.
One way social media effects people is cyber-bullying. According to Gillian Angrove “In April 2012, 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons passed away after an attempted suicide. In November 2011, Rehtaeh Parsons was allegedly sexually assaulted by four perpetrators while attending a house party. A cell-phone photo of the sexual assault was shared repeatedly by students across social media” (Angrove 308). Teens are taking their own lives because photos and videos are being posted by bullies.