Donovan Good
Kelli Tusow
Pearl Harbor DBQ Essay
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941, 361 planes had just set flight from six aircraft carriers it was a military strike that was being carried out by Imposing Japanese Navy at the Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, United States. The naval base of the United States was the main directive for the Japanese military forces attack. The Japanese military forces used the occurrence more as a defensive act to discourage the American Pacific Fleet from snooping the planned military activities of the Japanese Empire.

But why the attack? To better understand the attack on Pearl Harbor we must first go to the beginning of the problems that Japan had been going through. There are three fundamental reasons of to why Japan progressed with this attack. First, the attack was vastly because Japan had minimal resources so they depended on trade, as for this was the only thing that kept them going as a nation. One very significant trade resource that Japan depended on mostly was oil. Without oil, Japan’s military would be useless. (Document D, In this document it shows and talks about how “Japan had few oil reserves and produced very little of its own oil.” And how the U.S. was slowly limited the amount of how much they were trading)

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Second, the attack was also vastly because Japan wanted to expand because they wanted more control. And when the U.S. discovered Japan’s plans to develop they wanted to take action. Although the U.S. didn’t want another war to begin so they concluded with the conclusion that instead of getting their military involved they would try and stop their fight between others by limiting their supplies. (Document C, in this document, it talks about how “Japan attacks China” and how they “declare its policy to establish a “new order in East Asia.”” And how “The United States freezes all Japanese assets and bank accounts” to try and prevent the fights between others around Japan)

And finally, third, the attack was also vastly because Japan was frantic about the trades limitations and the freezing’s that the United States did to their bank accounts and so they saw two opportunities to continue their plans to develop and advance their nation one to try and get the resources restriction lifted and still allow them to take what territory they wanted or two they were going to go to war. But Japan knew if they didn’t do anything they felt that if they were to do nothing they felt that they would become a third-class nation after two or three years. (Document E, it talks about how Japan waned acceptance form the United States as they felt they were incompetent to the U.S., It talks about how they felt that if “they didn’t expand their nation they would become a third-class if they just sat tight”)

So in conclusion, I think Japan attack Pearl Harbor because they felt they didn’t get enough from the last World War like the other nations and that they felt over-reliant on other countries for resources so they are looking to become a larger Nation and show others that they are just as self-dependent as the other countries and they can show that they can expand and don’t need to rely on others.