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Explain the negative effects of tourism on the environment and provide some solutions to this issue.

“It tourism is a human activity which encompasses human behaviour, use of resources, and interaction with other people, economies and environments.’ Bull, 1991:1 cited in Holden, A. (2008)”. Tourism is the foremost part of the global economy and development tool for the any country. Tourism is about visiting and exploring the places outside their local areas for different purposes. Some people travel for pleasure, relaxing and fun. Some people travel for business trips. From recent times, tourism has gained the popularity and become big industry, which allows the country to become richer, as well as improves the image of nation in front of the entire world . Not only this, there is a flow of foreign exchange, which directly leads to the improvement of (infrastructure facilities). Besides this, it has been estimated that 1 billon tourists arrives every year in world., by 2020 the number will increase by 60 percent.

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In the present scenario, travel industry has developed as compared to past. There is no doubt that tourism has brought ample of positive aspects to many countries such as, social change, wide exposure and number of jobs opportunities. This allows people start their own business from hotels to shops, tour guides and a lot more. However, these benefits also come up negative outcome on natural environment ,culture and so on. In this essay, I would like to ponder upon negative upcoming paragraphs and solution to deal with.

Negative effects :To begin with, the following ideas can be put forth while discussing the negative effects tourism of tourism classified on environment, social and cultural, and environment. Tourism has myriad negative effects seen on environment likewise natural habitat loss, because of deforestation. There are many spices which are on verge of extinction and they disappearing due to unhealthy activities. Littering of plastic bags, soild waste, increase of garbage such as plastic bags waste products and local land use which leads to soil erosion at the tourist places results in increased pollution. Furthermore, traffic congestion is also increasing and roads are also becoming overcrowded because of tourism. what is more, demand increases for local goods suddenly leads to high prices.Tourism industry mostly misuses the water resources like or hotels, swimming pools, golf courses and personal use thus obviously leads to short supply. For instance, it is common to see that tourist often stay in five star hotels and enjoy better facilities. Tourist may be taking two showers a day, where the local people may not have enough water to drink. For example, shimla which is most popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh , India . Moreover, sea water and marine life affected by the recreational and tourist water transport boats water resulted in pollution in sea water, rivers and lakes The sweage waste is getting drained onto rivers causing a water pollution, consequently, such unsustainable tourism results in death of marine life due to water pollution. . However, water resource is major tourist attraction and recreational developments resulting in water pollution .
It is generally seen that there is faster incline in number of vehicles on roads which is reason for traffic congestion by increase in number tourists which further leads number of road accidents. However, number of vehicles on roads have created air and noise pollution, especially at major tourist attractions because they accessible by roads. Pollution is caused because of improper exhaust systems of vehicles. Along with this, noise created by horns of vehicles and tourist attractions in amusement parks, music sounds and car race tracks may uncomfortable for people in nearby residential areas. Since , tourism is directly or indirectly is responsible for most of the negative effects of the environment.

Possible solutions:
In order to cope up with uneffective tourism there are several measures that can be taken reduce the effects of tourism. Firstly, it should be moral duty of citizens to promote the eco-tourism and sustainable Since it will able to save wildlife and natural resources. As a well maintained and organized tourism able to reduce the impact on environment. Additionally, it is the responsibility of government to implement the stringent regimen. Moreover,authority should invest revenue of tourism in better way to preserve our environment,both locals and travelers should be awared about important of protecting our environment.As conservation process,cannot be run without money. wealth earned from major tourist sites enables the organistions to focus on preserving our natural surrounding. Similarly, government should also increase the entry fees where visition is much higher.Although ,careful planning should be conducted as a result of environment will be least effected.

In summary it is conculded that, everything comes in the world with prons and cons. the fact cannont be denied that tourism is bringing negative effects to environment and inhabitats.but also there various steps should be taken to minimize the ill effects of tourism.authorties should increase the taxes not only this if someone is destroying our natural surrounding fines should be applied.

According to the OECD, there are about 1 billion tourist arrivals a year.

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