Drug testing is a practiced use by Employers, Politicians, Doctors, and most people are subjected to these kinds of test because they are job applicates or they are already hired and are still being tested, for a reason unknown a group of politicians took drug test to prove their sobriety, that they were “In the right mind to lead.” Why is it people have to prove that they have not altered their mindset with the use of drugs? Why can’t there be privacy to protect someone from these tests? Drug testing is unnecessary and just a way to discriminate against people.
The interview is a main part in the job hiring process this is when the applicate is asked a series of questions to determine if they fit the needs of the company and work place. If the applicate does fit the needs of the job they are sometimes subjected to a drug test and if they come up positive, they are declined the job even though they fit the needs that the interviewer seemed to see in the applicate. Yet, he or she is declined the position all because they had a “Higher potential to be a bad employee” simply because they failed a drug test. While a person who has not taken drugs and passes the test, it does not mean they will be a good employee. They can be a lazy person who will not perform the job or have no desire to do so. These drug tests are not testing if the person is on drugs at the moment. They are testing if they have done drugs which could have been done days to months ago. In addition, drug tests can be inclusive since it has been found that people can come in contact with drugs without actually doing them.
A study found that passive exposure to cannabinoids can contaminate a person’s hair. This meant that people who did not smoke failed the test. These people would try to explain they did not smoke but it sounded like an excuse. This shows how unrelatable these tests are. Besides that, people who avidly do drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, meth, or opium can take detox pills or drinks to pass a drug test. Detox pills or drinks are an unnecessary market caused by these unwarranted tests. This causes stress on people who are looking for a job which is already difficult to find. Moreover, these tests have been shown to have false positive results causing the potential employee to be passed on due to the inaccurate test. Therefore, the privacy of the person is invaded and is a juvenile way to find out if they have used drugs.
To begin with, the test is an act of distrust on the part of the company. It requires the potential employee to prove they are innocent with no reason for cause. It violates their rights and privacy. These tests can show more than what drugs they could have taken. Urine tests can show diseases, general health or levels of dopamine. The company can discriminate against a person because of this. Beyond this, to prevent cheating on tests most people are watched while urinating which is embarrassing and an invasion of privacy. How can a person trust the company if they do not trust their employees? As adults the person knows the risk of doing drugs so why should they be denied a job because of it? People should be hired based on their skills and experience not what they do after work. With that, people use drugs for multiple reasons besides just enjoying it.
Not everyone who does drugs is doing it because they enjoy or want to do it. Some people have mental or physical problems which require them to use drugs to help them. Jobs can also be demanding and using drugs helps people unwind and destress. This can lead to more productive on the job to perform better. Moreover, drugs are a part of society with some people not having a choice. Children are raised around drugs believing that it is normal because of their families doing it around them. These children are not asked or chose to be born into drug infested homes. It is hard for them to not have addictions based on the area they are surrounded in making it difficult to get a job due to drug testing. Other addictions such as tobacco and alcohol are an addiction that is deadly, but these are not illegal drugs. This also do not affect a drug test even though they are a type of drug.
Every year people are killed by tobacco or alcohol, yet they are easily assessable unlike other drugs. People refuse to call tobacco or alcohol drugs even though they are. People who do them have no negative effects expect their health. These people do no fail drug tests but can perform poorly at work because they choose to drink daily or on the job. Smokers usually take multiple breaks throughout their shift to smoke which causes a distraction and stopping work flow. There is a mass disregard to ban these drugs because they are harmful. There is no outcry to ban these drugs even they are harmful to not only the person doing them but others around them. Second-hand smoke is more harmful than actually smoking the cigarette. Most employees who drink or smoke do not lose their job because of it unless there are other reasons.
In conclusion, drug testing is an invasion of privacy to anyone whether they do drugs or not. It creates an unnecessary market for detox pills or drinks which should not exist in the first place. Companies should not be discriminate against a potential employee based on the drugs they choose to do on their off time unless it negatively affects their work. People’s skill should be the main focus not what’s in their urine. If alcohol and tobacco can be legal and not affect an companies choice to hire a person then why should any other drug?