DW or DWH stands for Data warehouse. Data warehouse is an enterprise data warehouse which is a system used to prepare reports and analysis data and it’s a basic factor for business intelligence. So, it is a single, complete and consistent store of data from a different sources made available for end users. DW is a central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. Why we need data warehouse? Or the importance of using data warehouse:
1- Easier to access business data
2- More faster processing of business data
3- Better analysis of data
4- Key component of information technology industry
5- Adds creativity and competitively advantages.
The traditional database is used for saving data information and make it easier than other data to reach the information database used for small and simple queries. For that, there is many differences between data warehouse and traditional database system which are in schema, cost, efficiency and data stored.
Data warehouse Traditional data
schema Schema on write Schema on read
cost high Very low
efficiency Efficiently uses CPU/IO Efficiently uses storage
data stored Determined by use case Raw and refined data sets

Data warehouse best for historical analysis and repeatable reporting use cases.

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