Each and every employee has some certain roles and responsibilities in an organization. We need to choose the right employees to do the work done. Me being as an employee of engro foods Pakistan my responsibility and performance of the employees has been developed in different set of practices such as:
Planning with the manager: having good communication with your manager will make a good schedule and a reasonable time table for you and your partners which will in the end help you in managing the time efficiently and completing the tasks before the due date.
Team work: team’s performance is always better than an individual performance. You develop a mutual sense of achieving a goal and objective together and you try to achieve that goal before any other team so which makes teams work hard and at the end of the day the organization is who gets the benefit.
Communication: communication in my opinion is the most important thing within the organization. Communication will either help you achieve the goal or leave you behind in the race of efficiency in the market. Communication errors have always brought disadvantages to any organization. Good communication will reduce the risk in the organization, and the most important part it will improve the decision making of ENGRO FOODS.
Participation: participation in the teams will make employees good team players and they develop a good motivation towards completing the mutual goal of the organization. Your participation in the business can be the reason of the success or failure of any certain business, so in my opinion participation is very important.
Creativity: creativity is a quality of an employee which can give the business new ideas on how to make new products differently. Creative employees in an organization are a blessing for the organization. I have been appointed to observe the performance of the employees and I have to report it to my superiors and using my own creativity I had to make a process. So I held training sessions for employees to understand the simplest way to do their job.