Editorial team and Publisher of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review aimed to outline the most perspective fields of research in CSR and Sustainability, which will be demanded by the scholars worldwide. We asked Prof. Archie Carroll, member of the Advisory Board of the journal to provide his point of view.

In this material we publish recommendations of Prof. Archie Carroll, one of the most prominent researchers in the field of Sustainability representing University of Georgia, USA.

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Prof. Carroll, analyzed current topics of the journal and admitted that they reflect current research agenda quite well. Although he has mentioned that few new topics can be also added to the list due to their relevance for the research community:

Corporate Social Performance
Creating Shared Value (CSV)
Corporate Citizenship
Corporations and Business Purpose
Ethics and Boards of Directors
Business-Government Interactions
With regard to these recommendations, we have added several more topics to the list of existing research topic of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review. We hope that these recommendations will be of help to those authors who seek a promising topic for research on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The updated list of topics of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review is below: